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Disappearance of Kristel in Loire-Atlantique: the teenager actively sought

The Châteaubriant gendarmerie, in Loire-Atlantique, launched a call à witnesses Monday March 25 in the hope of finding Kristel, a 15-year-old teenager.

Serious concern in Loire-Atlantique. Kristel, 15 years old, no longer gave sign of life since she left his father's home, located in in the Ville aux Roses district,  Châteaubriant. It was on the night of Friday March 22 to Saturday March 23, 2024. More than forty-eight hours after his departure, the Ch  gendarmerie ;acirc;teaubriant launchedé a call à witnesses, Monday March 25, late in the day. "The Nantes public prosecutor's office validates the broadcast of the call & next witness, in the context of the worrying disappearance of a minor, indicated: Julien Balitch, the commander of the Châteaubriant gendarmerie company, whose L'Éclaireur is ;#39;éecho. 

According to the information revealed in the call to published witnesses According to law enforcement, Kristel Anisis is of average build. She is 1.60 m tall. The young woman has brown eyes and straight, shoulder-length brown hair. When she disappeared, she was wearing a black leather jacket and black and white Nike sneakers, TN model. The teenager was carrying a backpack. back, the color of which is not specified. Anyone likely to have seen the young girl or to have information about her is invited to contact on 02 40 81 00 17 or directly on 17. An email can also be sent &agrav; cob.chateaubriant@gendarmerie.interieur.gouv.fr.

While no contact could be established with the teenager, the call ' ;agrave; Witnesses specify that Kristel could be found at Nantes. It also seems that the young girl had already had sex. is the subject of a previous call for action. witnesses just a month ago. After leaving the family home on the morning of Wednesday February 28, she was finally taken away. found in good health the next day.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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