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Discover Pôle Emploi's new secret weapon to find yourself a job quickly !

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The observation is rather harsh for Pôle Emploi, since a third of recruiters believe that the profiles they receive in interviews do not are not in line with what they are looking for. To curb the phenomenon, the public establishment is drawing out its “Validated skills” system.“. Behind this unattractive name actually hides a rather innovative and interesting initiative. Initially tested in PACA and Burgundy since 2021, it has now been deployed across the entire French territory since September. A brief overview of this new service.

Establish a direct link between experiences and desire for employment

It is not tomorrow that an AI will replace Pôle Emploi, but the platform must be modernized to match the dynamics of the job market. Thus, Validated Skills is a service accessible to all job seekers who can demonstrate a minimum experience of 60 days. Whether these are consecutive or fragmented, it doesn't matter. Everything happens on the official Pôle Emploi website.

The idea is to be able to contact former employersso that they validate the candidate's skills. This process allows these skills to be highlighted for future recruiters and minimizes the chances of “mistaking”. For this to work, the company in question must obviously still be in operation and Pôle Emploi can contact it by email.

A simple process for optimized employability

In just three minutes, a former employer can look at two different facets of collaboration with the employee: concrete skills and abilities (hard skills) and personal attributes and abilities for interaction with individuals or organizations (soft skills).

This makes it possible to cover a wider range and not simply focus on the purely technical background of the candidates. Especially when we know the essential aspect that soft skills now have in an employer's search for candidates.

Once these skills have been reviewed and verified, the candidate's profile is updated and these will be highlighted to facilitate the hiring process. A strategy which has already borne fruit, since the system has already enabled a 17% increase in successful connections between job seekers and recruiters. If recruiters play the game, the approach undertaken by Pôle Emploi is very good news for professional integration.

  • Pôle Emploi has been deploying since September the Validated skills system.
  • It allows a former employer to validate the skills of a candidate, thus limiting unsuccessful contacts with future recruiters.
  • A tactic that is already paying off, since successful connections have increased by 17% for candidates who have validated their skills with this new service.

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