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DJI and photographer Florian Ledoux show off in this video about the Arctic

© DJI via YouTube

Leisure drones and other professional drones have become increasingly popular in recent years. Today quite easy to control thanks to AI and equipped with good autonomy, these devices can really take breathtaking images, impossible to obtain in reasonable conditions otherwise.

It's precisely this possibility that pushes wildlife photographer Florian Ledoux to rely on DJI drones, like the Mavic 3 Pro, among others.

Discover images of the Arctic with Florian Ledoux

In the video, the polar bear specialist can be seen taking images in the Arctic for about a month, largely using his drone. This equipment, as sophisticated as it is discreet, allows him to get as close as possible to polar bears, and capture moments of life, from hunting scenes where the animal puts its own survival at stake, to scenes more tender, between two adult bears and their offspring.

Florian Ledoux's goal through these images is to tell the story of this icy continent, one of the regions of the world most impacted by global warming. And of course to raise public awareness of the impact of human activities on the entire planet, including in the most remote regions of the world.

Capturing these images is far from being a pleasure (except for the person concerned). As part of this report, he explains that he stayed stationed on site for about a month, but sometimes he needs even more time in particularly difficult conditions, both for humans and their equipment. From this point of view, the Pro version of the DJI hardware seems perfectly suited to the challenge, operating despite temperatures below -20°C.

And this, despite observation sessions which sometimes last around twenty hours, in the freezing cold – and in complete silence. A testimony to his unfailing determination but also to his desire to truly connect with nature, to better tell the story of these remote places and their wildlife. We suggest you watch the video – breathtaking – below. To go further, some of his best reports, including Ours Polaire (Polar Bear in its original title), on Disney+:

  • Florian Ledoux talks about what encourages him to integrate drones into his work, to better observe wild bear populations.
  • We do it sees him evolving in the wild Arctic, where he sometimes stays for months, observing the wild nature for hours.
  • His video, as well as&# 8217;others, available on Disney+, are truly breathtaking documentaries. We offer you a behind-the-scenes extract from his life as a wildlife photographer – with the help of DJI.

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