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DMA: why Apple is already threatened with an EU investigation ?

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To comply with the Digital Markets Act, Apple had to make big changes to its iOS platform in the European Union. For the first time, the Cupertino company will authorize app installations outside the App Store. This will also authorize payment applications to use the iPhone's NFC module for contactless payments. And, when it comes to browsers, Apple will no longer force Safari's competitors to rely on its WebKit technology.

A feature that is disappearing in Europe

But Apple's compliance with the DMA will also eliminate an iPhone feature for EU users: support for web applications on the home screen. Indeed, Apple has announced the disappearance of this functionality from European iPhones for security reasons, since it will authorize technologies competing with WebKit to power browsers for iPhone (less control, more risks).

This decision by Apple is of interest, in any case, to the European Commission. As reported in a Financial Times article, the Commission surveyed app developers to determine the impact that the disappearance of web apps from the home screen will have on the market. However, this would be a first step which could lead to an in-depth investigation by the EU.

Confirmation from the European Commission

In any case, the sending of these questionnaires has been confirmed by Brussels. “We review the compliance packages of all gatekeepers, including Apple. In this context, we are particularly investigating the issue of Progressive Web Apps and can confirm sending requests for information to Apple and app developers, who may provide useful information to our assessment”, indicates the European Commission, in a statement published by the Financial Times.

In a technical document, Apple explains that without WebKit's security architecture on iPhone, web apps could expose users to new security risks. To reduce these risks, while allowing technologies competing with WebKit, Apple should develop a new security architecture that does not currently exist on iOS.

The reasons for & #8217;Apple

For Apple, developing this new security architecture for web applications would not have been practical “ given the other requirements of the DMA and the very low adoption by users of web applications on the home screen.”

“We expect this change to affect a small number of users. Nonetheless, we regret any impact that this change – which was made as part of the work to comply with the DMA – may have on Home Screen web application developers and our users”< /em>, can also be read in this Apple document.

  • To make iOS DMA compliant, Apple has decided to remove support for web apps on the iPhone home screen
  • Apple cited security reasons, while it will allow third-party browser engines that do not use the WebKit security architecture
  • La European Commission is evaluating this case, and has already questioned Apple, as well as the developers
  • According to the Financial Times, this would be a measure that can pave the way for a thorough investigation by the Commission

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