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Do you know the meaning of this sign ? It can save you from a distressing situation

A certain number of motorists are wondering about this. this sign whose meaning it is better to know before committing.

In a perfect world, all motorists would know the meaning of every road sign and obey them. Reality is quite different and most drivers only remember the most frequently encountered signs on the road, far far from all those learned before the Code exam. ;nbsp;essential to obtain your driving license. It is therefore not uncommon when driving to come across a sign whose meaning you do not know. The consequences can be more or less serious, some of them sometimes indicating immediate danger.

This is not really the case for the C13d panel which appeared for the first time in France & the very end of 2011. However, it is better to know what it means. This square panel on a blue background shows a cyclist and a pedestrian facing each other above a type of T whose vertical bar is white and the horizontal bar is red. The number of elements can disrupt one's understanding, especially since it is not only aimed at the reader. à a single category of road users. Is this a lane reserved for cyclists and pedestrians?? A lane of which part is prohibited to cyclists and pedestrians? Many interpretations are possible but only one is valid.

Do you know the meaning of this sign ? It can save you from a distressing situation


You probably already have this idea. saw a blue panel filled only with this T whose horizontal bar is drawn in red. It is called C13a and indicates a dead end, more commonly called a dead end. Dead ends are streets that have no exit, that is, they end in a dead end. In other words, it is a dead end that does not allow you to cross on one side of the road. à the other. Dead ends are common in residential areas, often providing a quieter environment with less vehicle traffic. But why then does a cyclist and a pedestrian complete this panel under its name C13d ?

Because it indicates that there is an exit at the end of the street for cyclists and pedestrians. This often takes the form of a small path that motorized vehicles, mainly cars and trucks, cannot take due to their narrowness.

Concretely, if you enter this type of street at the wheel of your vehicle, you will realize once you arrive that you are driving your vehicle. at the end only two solutions are available to you. you: make a U-turn or go backwards. Situations that are not always obvious manage, especially for motorists who don't really like maneuvering in small spaces…

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