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Does Temu deceive his clients ? Justice will decide the question

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Temu is the target of a new legal action – this time launched by a group of consumer unions. According to BEUC, Temu is indeed “riddled with misleading interfaces – dark patterns – to encourage consumers to spend more on the platform”. For example, the association explains that consumers are “offered more expensive versions when they click on a particular product.

The association also criticizes Temu for doing everything to complicate account closure. The platform, which according to Le Figaro has 75 million daily users in the European Union, would thus violate several articles of the European regulation on digital services (DSA). Breaches of the law which could earn the e-commerce platform heavy fines.

Temu in court for deception: what is it all about? ;nbsp;?

Temu, for his part, assures that he takes this complaint seriously and promises to cooperate with all parties: “We look forward to working on improving our service and correcting any shortcomings”, says Temu, quoted by Le Figaro. And add ’commit “to demonstrate transparency and to fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations”.

The Chinese firm is the latest in a series of controversial e-commerce platforms. The latter often offer products at very low costs, with an attractive presentation, intended to encourage the act of purchasing as much as possible. All with products, often from China, with sometimes very long delivery times.

Other similar platforms such as Wish have suffered heavy condemnation. The DSA may, however, in the case of Temu allow for more imposing sanctions applying in all the States of the European Union. At the end of March, Temu was already, recalls Le Figaro, in the sights of the authorities in France and the United Kingdom, for questionable practices regarding personal data.

< p>The platform then quickly became compliant to avoid sanctions. Several consumer associations also report that products sold on the platform do not comply with EU standards and in certain cases even represent a danger for customers.

If Temu were found guilty, the Commission could, under the DSA, impose fines of up to 6% of the firm's annual global turnover. In 2023, Temu declared a turnover equivalent to 31.7 billion euros.

    < li>The European Consumer Organization (BEUC) takes Temu to court for “deception”.
  • The association criticizes Temu for questionable practices which consist, among other things, of attracting consumers with very attractive prices before presenting them with more expensive products.
  • Practices potentially contrary to the DSA, which could cost the platform very heavy sanctions.
  • Temu for his part assures his intention to cooperate with all stakeholders even if it means changing practices.

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