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Does your child have an iPhone? Disable this feature urgently

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On paper, this is a very nice feature. Recently, Apple added NameDrop to iOS. If you are not familiar with the latter, know that it allows you to exchange information on your iPhone with people nearby. This applies to your number, your email address, or even your photos.

A real risk for children?

Since a recent update, this option is enabled by default. This choice by the Cupertino company is not to the taste of several local American police forces, and in particular the Middleton police in Ohio.

Law enforcement therefore advises parents to deactivate this tool on their children's smartphones as quickly as possible. They believe that they could transmit their personal data to strangers thanks to NameDrop.

To remove this functionality, it's very simple, you have to go to the device settings, then , choose General, AirDrop, and finally deactivate NameDrop. Reactions to these requests are generally positive. Some parents report that they were not aware that this option was now enabled by default.

On the other hand, other Apple customers found the police's warnings to be rather exaggerated. Indeed, for two users to exchange information, they must be actively involved in the process.

Thus an Internet user commented under the Facebook publication of the police: & #8220;This is not 100% true. Both iPhones must be unlocked, very close to each other, and you must accept this after using the feature..

Thus, the two phones must be very close to each other, and the two people must touch their information simultaneously to then be able to validate the transfer. We are therefore quite far from a potential fortuitous maneuver which would be carried out without the user being aware.

However, we can never be too careful, and nothing prevents this activation from being deleted. of NameDrop by default on iOS as US Police suggests. More generally, what do you think of this option, and has it already been useful to you in daily life? Do not hesitate to testify in the comments.

What to remember:

  • NameDrop is a feature generally appreciated by users of 'iPhone
  • The latter is however activated by default on iOS
  • American police suggest that parents deactivate it on their children's smartphones

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