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Donald Trump condemned: he denounces a “rigged trial” before the American presidential election

Donald Trump wasé judged guilty in the criminal case of bribes paid to former porn actress Stormy Daniels, Thursday May 30. The candidate à the presidential election announced appeal and believes that the "true verdict" will be that of the election in November.

A first in American History. Former President Donald Trump was attacked. convicted in the Stormy Daniels affair,   the outcome of his criminal trial, Wednesday May 29, 2024. The twelve jurors were sentenced. unanimous and judged the billionaire guilty of 34 charges: 34 falsifications of accounting documents for his company, the Trump Organization. These facts made it possible to hide, under cover of "legal fees", payments of 130 000 dollars  former porn actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for the porn star's silence on a secret relationship with Donald Trump that occurred ten years earlier. that the 77-year-old man formally denies.

Immediately condemned, Donald Trump denounced "a rigged political trial  resembling à a witch hunt" and ensured : "I did nothing wrong!" The former US president and presidential candidate the presidential election in November finally took hold. being a "political prisoner" judged by a "corrupt judge" during a “shameful trial” on his campaign site. Which redirects towards fundraising since the announcement of the conviction of the real estate magnate.

A sentence known in July and an appeal announced

Convicted, Donald Trump will receive his sentence on July 11, i.e. five months of the American presidential election and four days of the Republican convention. Whatever the sentence handed down against him, the former president will appeal the decision. "We will appeal as soon as possible. In New York, the procedure says: there is the pronouncement; pain. “Then we will appeal,” he said. Todd Blanche, lead lawyer for the ex-president in the Stormy Daniels affair, & CNN à the outcome of the trial.

Theoretically, the billionaire incurs up to $500,000. four years in prison for each of the charges, possibly accompanied by a fine. But the chances of such a conviction being handed down are low, with Donald Trump being condemned. for the first time and above all being a candidate for the presidential election. The judges could therefore decide on an alternative sentence such as a suspended sentence with probation. the test or even general community service accompanied by a fine, and ;avoid the candidate à the White House a stay behind bars.

What impact on Trump's candidacy? the presidential ?

"It's a shame (…) The real verdict will be that of November 5", proclaimedé Donald Trump after the announcement of his conviction explicitly referring to the result of the next presidential elections. Because this conviction does not prevent the billionaire from being a candidate for office. the White House, no more than a possible prison sentence. Under the U.S. Constitution, being guilty of a misdemeanor or felony does not prohibit one from committing a crime. feel &agrav; an election or hold an official position.

Not only not to be a brake à the candidacy of Donald Trump, the trial and the conviction of the candidate may not weaken him given the little interest that the Americans have in the trial ;egrave;s and his verdict. The announced opposition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidential election should therefore take place on June 5. Even the Democratic camp recognizes that the outcome of Donald Trump's trial will not stop his campaign: &quot ;There is only one way to prevent Donald Trump from entering the Oval Office: the ballot box, in fact ' ;writes about X the American president.

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