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Don't throw away your old DVDs or Blu-rays, you might regret it later!

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Video-on-demand services have literally exploded over the last 10 years. Since the arrival of Netflix (which is still on the rise), the number of platforms has multiplied at high speed. Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ Series, Disney+ or even Apple TV+. All have contributed to the desertion of cinemas (to a certain extent) as well as the gradual abandonment of classic viewing media such as DVDs or Blu-rays.

Large American brands like Target or Best Buy have even announced that they will permanently stop selling them. As we live in an age where any series or movie is available at the click of a finger, it might be tempting to get rid of your old DVDs and Blu-Rays. However, this would be a serious error, we will explain to you why.

The uncertainty of streaming

Far from the initial promise of unlimited access, the platforms no longer hesitate to delete content of their catalog, forcing viewers to turn to other services or to settle for restricted formats.

Recently, the example of the withdrawal of the very popular series Westworld from HBO Max (platform belonging to Warner Bros), illustrates this point very well. Disney is no exception to this trend, having recently removed several of its productions from Disney+.

The series or films suddenly removed from SVOD services are countless; this clearly demonstrates that streaming services cannot guarantee perpetual access to their content. The availability of programs sometimes becomes a real game of musical chairs, where subscribers are tossed from one platform to another, without any certainty as to the sustainability of their access.

If platforms have the power to remove content at any time, what happens to subscribers' right to enjoy the programs for which they have paid? At least your DVD stays in its shelf.

The reliability of physical media

Yes, unlike digital platforms, a physical disk remains usable as long as it is not physically damaged (scratches or breaks). It is even possible to extend its durability by making backups. It is quite possible to use specific software to create digital copies of the discs, just in case.

SVOD is nice, but it's a little less so if you're faced with a network outage. On this point, physical media have the big advantage and will never let you down.

Competitive prices and a social vector

In some cases, buying complete series on DVD or Blu-ray can really be advantageous from a price point of view, especially considering that you will keep the item for life.

For example, right now on Amazon, you can find complete series on Blu-ray like Prison Break for 66 euros, Peaky Blinders at 60 euros or Breaking Bad + El Camino at 52 euros. If you go hunting in second-hand stores, it's even better. Some brands offer tons of Blu-rays at prices sometimes below 5 euros.

Un simple subscription in the municipal library also gives you access to a very large collection of DVD/Blu-rays, here too in terms of price, it's unbeatable.

While restrictions on sharing online accounts are increasingly numerous and restrictive on certain SVOD platforms, keeping physical media on hand is also a guarantee of simplicity. No worries if you want to watch a film or series with friends or family, you search your library and off you go!

In addition to all these advantages, DVDs and Blu-rays often offer special content inaccessible on streaming platforms: deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews and other exclusive content. For movie buffs, this is obviously a great argument. The materialistic dimension also comes into play: what could be more pleasant than admiring your well-arranged collection in a beautiful library and gently taking out the DVD of the special edition of your film from its case favorite ? A satisfaction that no virtual platform can match.

  • DVD and Blu-ray are more reliable physical media than SVOD platforms and do not disappear.
  • They are more resistant to the test of time s& ;#8217;they are not mishandled.
  • Their price is very advantageous and they have advantages that streaming will never be able to replace.< /li>

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