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Drinking water during meal might not be such a good idea, here's what experts recommend

This is a question that everyone has already asked themselves. pos&eac; while pouring himself a glass of water à table. Is water consumption during meals desirable ?

It's a debate that often comes up; table: is it better to drink water during meals or outside ? There are two teams: those who are going to ;#39;hydrate throughout the day and those who will drink plenty of water during lunch or dinner. If it is recommended to drink approximately 1.5 à 2 liters of water per day according to the national safety agency. health of food, environment and work, what quantity? should we prioritize meals ?

According to nutritionist Alexandra Dalu, drinking water during meals does not pose a problem because the production of digestive juices automatically adapts depending on what the meal is. The body absorbs it, even when it is liquid. It can even be beneficial because drinking water helps liquefy dry foods and thus helps ;agrave; the digestion. "This will soften the bolus", explains the specialist, according to Le Figaro.

Drinking water also requires you to eat more slowly: you have to take the time to put down your cutlery and grab your glass. This also sends a satiation signal to the brain and therefore allows you to eat less. That said, drinking during meals is not always such a good idea and some habits are bad. proscribe according to experts and others & adopt.

Drinking water during meal might not be such a good idea, here's what experts recommend

First of all, it is recommended to Drink small sips throughout the meal, rather than large glasses. You should also avoid drinking water that is too cold. Sparkling water is also great. Avoid, especially for people who are often affected by bloating. Violette Petroj, nutritionist and dietician, confides to the magazineElle qu  #39;you should ideally drink "around two small 20 cl glasses per meal".

According to a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, < /em>drinking water also promotes the absorption of glucose by the body and can then cause abnormal insulin peaks. The body will then more easily store fats. This happens in particular with the consumption of sugary foods. It is therefore preferable during a meal that is too sweet not to drink straight away: experts advise waiting 30 minutes. It is also recommended Avoid water during dessert.

In addition, other times of the day are conducive to a good glass of water. When you wake up, the body has not received any water for several hours, so it is important to rehydrate. The same thought is required at bedtime to prevent dehydration during sleep. Above all, it is appropriate to listen your body and to drink when thirst or dehydration is felt.

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