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Drug insurance does not endanger public finances, says Freeland

Photo: Czarek Sokolowski Associated Press Alongside Defense Minister Bill Blaire (right) on Sunday, Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke to journalists at a Polish military base.

Laura Osman – The Canadian Press in Warsaw, Poland

February 25, 2024

  • Canada

The drug insurance program will not endanger public finances, because the federal government intends to respect the rules it established last fall.

The Liberals and New Democrats have agreed on a drug insurance project, at the end of negotiations essential to the survival of the agreement supposed to keep Justin Trudeau's minority government in power until 2025.

According to a NDP source, the bill to be presented by the Liberals mentions that contraceptive coverage will initially take place under a universal single-payer program. The same will be true for “most” medications to treat type 1 and 2 diabetes, it was reported.

Speaking to journalists at a Polish military base, federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland indicated Sunday that the government is committed to continuing to invest for Canadians while remaining responsible for from a tax point of view. It intends to comply with the rules presented in the latest economic statement.

“We understand the importance of doing this sustainably. We must do this in a fiscally responsible manner. This is what we have done, this is what we will continue to do,” she told journalists.

The government has set itself the objective of keeping the deficit below 1% of GNP from 2026-2027. He intends to keep the current deficit below $40.1 billion.

He plans to try to reduce the federal debt to GDP ratio.

Health Minister Mark Holland cited the costs of a drug insurance program when negotiations between the Liberals and New Democrats bogged down earlier this year.

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