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Dune: story, casting, release date, everything you need to know about the series


The Dune saga is gaining momentum. After a very successful first film by Denis Villeneuve, a sequel will be released in theaters on March 13, 2024. At the same time, a spin-off series is being developed: Dune: The Sisterhood now called Dune: Prophecy. We have just learned more about this very stimulating project.

What will it be about?

This production is adapted from the novel The Community of Sisters. As the name suggests, we will follow sisters Valya and Tula Harkonnen in events that take place 10,000 before the history of the films. It is therefore a question of the Bene Gesserit organization against a background of supernatural power with political implications.

The whole point will be to see how the members of this group train to achieve such power. We are therefore dealing with a prequel to the adventures of Paul Atreides and his acolytes which will clearly not lack interest.

What is the casting of the series?

The least that What we can say is that the development of Dune: Prophecy is not a long, quiet river. This original creation thus lost several showrunners and even its director along the way. However, filming was able to start in the fall of 2022, report our colleagues from Collider.

Its casting remains no less promising. So, filmmaker Alison Schapker (Altered Carbon) takes matters into her own hands. As for the actors, we will find: Emily Watson (Chernobyl) and Olivia Williams (Sixth Sense, The Crown) in the roles of Valya and Tula Harkonnen. Alongside them, we also note the presence of Mark Strong (Kingsman), Jodhi May (The Witcher) and Travis Fimmel (Vikings).

What release date?

We do not yet know the precise broadcast date of this series. It will in any case be launched in the fall of 2024. As for knowing where we can see it in France, it is still unclear. For now, Amazon Prime Video broadcasts HBO productions with its Warner Pass offer. However, it is possible that the Max platform will be launched in France by then, and in this case, the series would be offered there.

What do you think of this project, and estimate Do you, like us, think it will be worth the detour? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • The Dune: The Sisterhood series is changing its name and becomes Dune: Prophecy
  • It suffered some setbacks in its development, and in particular the departures of several creators, and of a director
  • However, we should see it on our screens at fall 2024, but we still don't know on which platform

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