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Dune: why the series derived from the films promises to be exciting

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In the wake of the great success of the second part of Dune, eyes are now turning to the series Dune : Prophecy which should released this year on the Max streaming platform (it will be available on Prime Video's Warner Pass or directly on Max if the service has already launched in France by then). In the meantime, here's why this project is intriguing.

A story full of mystery

If Warner Bros has not yet indicated what the exact synopsis of this production will be, we already know and already that the action will take place almost 10,000 years before the events of the first two films. We will see how two sisters, Valya and Tula Harkonnen, founded the Bene Gesserit organization.

Everyone who has read the Dune cycle novels is familiar with this surviving sect throughout the ages. These women attempt to influence the course of political decisions in an effort to protect humanity from devastation. However, they do not hesitate to show cynicism and do not bother with ethics to achieve this long-term objective.

We know in particular that the sisters ensured that the Fremen of the planet Arrakis were conditioned to the idea that a messiah would arrive to save them. This undermining work bore fruit. And when Paul Atreides (himself the fruit of Bene Gesserit genetic manipulation) showed up, some locals were ready to follow him.

Denis Villeneuve evokes the Bene Gesserit

It is therefore possible that we are witnessing the genesis of these efforts and better understanding the origin of their power in the series. We can also bet that we will learn more about this fascinating universe imagined by Frank Herbert. A few months ago, Denis Villeneuve did not hide his interest in this organization.

The filmmaker explained thus:

My version of Dune is different because what really appealed to me about the book were the Bene Gesserit. My adaptation is more oriented towards their impact – They are the puppet masters of the universe!

We now understand a his words a little better after seeing the second part of Dune, and we are now looking forward to watching the series. For your part, what do you think of this idea of ​​presenting the origins of the Bene Gesserit ? Do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments.

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