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Dupont de Ligonnès case: a woman says she recognized the fugitive in a convent, checks underway

A woman says she recognized Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès during a religious gathering near Besançon. Based on this testimony, checks are underway to find DNA elements belonging to the fugitive.

A new twist in the Dupont de Ligonnès affair. The gendarmes from the search brigade were arrested. seized after a report near Besançon, reports L'Est republicain. A woman would have recognized the fugitive Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès during a religious gathering several weeks ago. Suspected for having killedé his wife and four children Nantes in 2011, the man, who must now be 63 years old, is still wanted. This new testimony immediately triggered verifications. 

"The investigators found people who were present that day and proceeded to &agrav; numerous auditions. No other person has come to corroborate this testimony, announced the statement. the prosecutor of the Republic, Étienne Manteaux. 

DNA comparison

An investigation was also carried out. opened and entrusted to the gendarmes of the Besançon research brigade. According to the testimony, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès would have beené insight into the community of the sisters of Béthanie. A sorority known for welcoming women à their release from prison in order to allow them to become nuns, explains the regional daily. A particularity which led the investigators to take a close look at what you're doing this track. 

"They foundé various objects, including a goblet. He was é collected in order to be analyzed. The gendarmes contacted the Nantes investigating judge in charge of the investigation. of the file, which will validate or not the DNA comparisons, indicatedé the prosecutor, adding that'à at this stage "we cannot formally exclude that it is not Dupont de Ligonnès". 

The religious trail had been é explored à many times. In January 2018, a law enforcement operation was carried out. carried out in a monastery in the Var after several reports from faithful convinced of having recognized the alleged murderer. &agrav; Mass. It was ultimately a monk who resembled him, recalls L'Est republicain.< /p>

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