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Duranceau urges tenants to seek help

. Photo: Francis Vachon Le Devoir “If people contact us, we will be able to help them, if they don’t, we can’t do anything,” Minister France-Élaine Duranceau said on Tuesday. “It’s rare that we won’t find.”

Isabelle Porter in Quebec

Published at 11:48 a.m. Updated at 12:26 p.m.

  • Quebec

The Minister responsible for Housing, France-Élaine Duranceau, wants to convince more tenants to use the housing assistance services offered by the government. Last year, nearly 12,000 people used it in Quebec.

“If people contact us, we will be able to help them, if they do not no, we can't do anything,” the minister declared during a press briefing in Quebec City on Tuesday. “It’s rare that you won’t find. »

Ms. Duranceau wishes to raise awareness of what is called the “housing search assistance service” (SARL). This support service is offered by the Municipal Housing Offices (OMH). Since January, more than 5,000 people have used it across Quebec.

The SARL does not have housing as such, but can direct people to resources, explained the CEO. of the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ), Claude Foster. For example, some people could have access to social housing, but they are unaware of it, he said.

The minister even ordered the journalists who are contacted by tenants who are having difficulty referring them to the SHQ services. “I know people are calling on you. It is essential to direct them to the right resources. »

Does this mean that support services are underutilized ? Mr. Foster doesn't go that far.

The problem, he says, is that people wait too long to seek help. “The longer we delay, the more difficult it becomes. We want to make sure people can raise their hands right away,” he said. “There is no shame in doing that because the problem is when people think they can find a solution on their own and they will wait until July 1st. »

Several types of help

Concretely, the help is similar to that offered last year. First, low-income people can have access to a monthly housing allowance of up to $170 per month.

Am I eligible for housing allowance ?

To have access to housing allowance, you must have a dependent child, or be 50 years old or over if you live alone or as a couple but without children. To be eligible, a single person must not earn more than $23,540 and spend 80% or more of their income on housing. Details here.

OMHs also offer rent supplements to allow people to have access to housing that is otherwise too expensive.

In addition, SARLs mentioned above, as well as emergency accommodation for homeless people on July 1. Finally, the Société d'habitation du Québec offers a telephone help service seven days a week starting June 15 at 1 800 463 4315 (except June 24).

Loi Françoise David

On Tuesday, Québec solidaire strongly criticized Minister Duranceau's announcement. “Today's announcement reflects the CAQ's management of the housing crisis: proposing individual measures without tackling the heart of the problem,” argued the spokesperson. of the party on housing, Andrés Fontecilla.

As for the recent openness of the CAQ to an expansion of the law prohibiting the evictions of seniors, it does not had no notable consequences. Asked about this on Tuesday, Ms. Duranceau said she asked QS to “let her work.” “We will soon come back to the approach we recommend,” she added.

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