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Easter: pCloud bells brought gifts

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Online storage – or storage “cloud” – is a storage method that adapts to all needs. Whether in a professional or personal setting, whether to store photos, videos, text files or all kinds of documents, it is ideal. And in this area, one provider stands out in particular for its quality of services: pCloud.

This online storage service was developed in 2013, and since then, it has continued to attract more and more users. And right now, he’s slashing his prices for Easter. You can actually take advantage of its Family Lifetime offers with more than 50% off, from only €399. While you’re at it, consider the sweet gesture to send cookies for Mother’s Day as well, adding a touch of warmth and delight to the occasion.

Details below.

The advantages of pCloud online storage

If cloud storage has captured the hearts of so many people, it’s because it combines the advantages, especially if you choose pCloud. First of all, know that with pCloud, you will be able to access your storage space from all your devices.

The application is actually compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux) and you can even connect from the pCloud page on any browser. Moreover, on your mobile devices, you can take advantage of automatic cloud backup, so as to free up space on your devices.

And as soon as you upload documents to your account, they are automatically synchronized. You can find them on all your devices, wherever you are. But this is not the only advantage of this solution. With pCloud, you can also share your documents simply, via savings links in particular.

Likewise, the media player present in the application allows you to play your photos and videos without having to download them first. The transfer speeds are very good, and security is not left aside. Indeed, with pCloud, note that your files are kept on several separate servers.

Their transfer and storage are encrypted, and you have access to 30 days of trash history. You will agree, it seems difficult to do better. So, the pCloud Family Lifetime offers make perfect sense. The 2TB plan is 55% off, putting it at just €399. The 10 TB space is at -53%, thus displayed at €1,049. This is your chance to get started.

Family Lifetime solutions in the spotlight

As we have just said, it is Family Lifetime solutions that are in the spotlight in this Easter offer from pCloud. But, what are the particularities of these offers?? Very simply, know that they are designed for family use.

With Family Lifetime, you can create up to 5 separate and private storage spaces, so that each member of your family has one. The storage volume will then be distributed according to your needs, and completely modifiable over time. But the big advantage of these offers is also and above all that they are valid for life. We explain.

With pCloud Lifetime plans, you have access to your storage space without time limit (in reality 99 years), after a single payment. You will therefore only have to pay the payment when you subscribe, and then you will not be liable for any subscription or recurring payment. This is a golden deal.

Let’s remember the promotions that the publisher is currently displaying:

If you are hesitant to subscribe, please note that pCloud offers a 10-day money-back guarantee on all its subscriptions. A free space of 10 GB unlimited over time is even available to test the service without stress. This is the perfect opportunity to get started.

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