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Electric car at 100 euros per month: how to benefit from it ?

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It’is within the framework of the strategy France Nation Verte that the government launched at the beginning of the ’ year 2024 a brand new device. Increase access to electric vehicles, often considered too expensive (rightly so!), thanks to a leasing offer capped at 100 euros per month. A program (fruit of decree no. 2023-1183 of December 14, 2023) also designed to accelerate the ecological transition and facilitate access to clean mobility for a greater number of people. Find out how to take advantage of this initiative.

How leasing works

Leasing represented 52% of cars registered in France in 2022. Ten years ago, it represented barely 10%! Faced with the rise in prices of new vehicles, this is a process that is increasingly popular.

As a reminder, leasing or rental with purchase option (LOA) is a alternative to the classic purchase of a vehicle . It allows its users to rent a car for a defined period (generally 24 to 72 months) with the possibility of purchasing the rented vehicle at the end of this period.

Given the success of this system, the State intends to take advantage of it and it is through this means that it wishes to encourage the adoption of vehicles more “ greens ” by reducing their access cost. The offer is rather advantageous, since it allows you to avoid paying the first rent requested for any leasing (i.e. #8217;is the State which pays it) and caps vehicle rents at 100 euros or 150 euros for larger models.

The vehicles concerned must still meet certain criteria, including an acquisition price less than or equal to 47,000 euros and a weight n&#8217 ;not exceeding 2 400 kilos. It is therefore not with this device that you will drive an Audi Q8 e-tron! Many models are still eligible: Citroën ë-C4, Renault Megane E-Tech, Renault Twingo E-Tech, Peugeot E-2008 or E-208, etc.

Access and eligibility: the keys to benefit from it

Let me be clear, this offer is particularly aimed at households the most modest, who will have to meet specific criteria for eligibility. Firstly and fortunately, you must be of legal age to benefit from the system. You must also reside in France and use your vehicle mainly for business travel. In fact, those interested must drive more than 8 000 km annually as part of their professional activity and live 15 km or more from their place of work .

For employees, these conditions must be officially justified by their employer. For non-employees, proof of honor will be requested in addition to proof of affiliation to a social security system for the current year.

Concerning the reference tax income per unit, this must not exceed 15 400 euros annually for the & #8217;year N-2 preceding payment of the first leasing rent. With this measure, the government hopes to reach 50% of working households. The government has set up a platform centralizing the entire process, from checking the criteria to renting the vehicle. It is accessible via this link.

  • At the start of 2024, the State launched a new system with the aim of accelerating access to electric vehicles.
  • This one This translates into the possibility of leasing an EV at a capped rate of 100 euros per month.
  • To be eligible, certain criteria must be respected: distance in relation to place of work, reference tax income, type of vehicle etc.

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