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Electric car: how Chargemap makes charging even simpler and faster< /p> © Unsplash/Markus Spiske

No more need for a card to recharge your electric car with Chargemap. The trip planning and universal charging service now allows drivers to charge their electric vehicle directly via the application.

This new feature announced on the company's blog allows two things: making charging simpler and faster electric car to get closer to the experience offered by Tesla.

Until now, drivers had to have their Chargemap card to start charging at a compatible terminal. From now on, once the car is connected to the terminal, simply select it in the Chargemap application and start the process.

This update also allows monitoring in direct charging status directly from the application, send a notification as soon as charging is complete or even interrupt the session. So many features that Tesla owners know well. Today, they are therefore available for all electric vehicles, provided that owners have a Chargemap account.

Limited partners and card still required

For the moment, the company specifies that only a few partners support this new feature: only the Electra and Powerdot networks, with respectively 630 and 2,980 charging points in Europe, are part of the system. But Chargemap ensures that other partners are coming“very soon” notably Driveco and Total Energies. Ionity, one of the largest French networks, is currently absent from subscribers.

Chargemap users will have to continue to purchase the card when registering anyway. To benefit from the service, it remains essential and costs 19.90 euros.

An investment that quickly pays off as Chargemap is essential for any driver of an electric vehicle.Thanks to its compatibility with most charging stations, the Chargemap service allows drivers to use only one card and one service to access most providers. This therefore avoids registering for each service or carrying out slightly longer operations at each station, as the RFID and QR code readers do not always work very well.

The arrival of the recharge dematerialized directly from the application is therefore a new stage in the history of the platform. A complementary service that makes Chargemap even more essential. Hoping that the network of compatible terminals expands quickly.

The 3 things to remember

  • The Chargemap application now supports dematerialized charging
  • No more need for a card to charge your electric car
  • The network of compatible terminals remains limited for the moment

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