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Electric car: recharging becomes easier with this new law

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Electric cars are more popular than ever. But the availability of charging stations still prevents many people from taking the plunge. However, things will change. As of this Saturday, the AFIR will come into force. This new European law should make it easier to recharge “green” models.

With this new legislative obligation, all electric car charging stations will have to offer a bank card payment terminal. A feature that should greatly simplify users' lives. Today the vast majority of charging stations already take bank cards as a means of payment, but other stations require the use of a badge or the scanning of a QR code, which can quickly complicate the lives of customers. main concerned.

Not everyone is concerned

Be careful however, not all terminals are affected by this obligation. Only those which will flourish from April 13, the date of arrival of the law in the European legal code governing electric cars. In other words, terminals that do not have payment terminals do not need to be modified.

This feature is making its way into law, but it shouldn't change much for Tesla users. In fact, the American brand has been offering payment terminals on its super charger stations for several months.

Even more terminals ?

In France, as throughout Europe, the development of charging stations for electric cars is in full swing. Thanks to this new law, the specialized company Vitra has joined forces with Mastercard to set up a single payment solution for 12 different terminals. This small terminal can be installed at the entrance to a charging station, as is already the case today for thermal equivalents.

Another part of the law should be of interest to motorists, particularly those who use the highway a lot. Indeed, AFIR asks all countries to install charging stations for electric cars at rest areas. These must be no more than 60 kilometers apart.

The highway, big winner

Europe is giving different nations a little more time to get up to speed on this feature. The terminals must be usable before the end of 2026.

A similar implementation should take place for heavy goods vehicles, which are also in slowly switching to electric. European law requires a charging station every 120 kilometers with a charging power of at least 350 kW.

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