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Electricity: the 7 devices to unplug every day to save big

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In a context where controlling energy consumption has become a priority for both economic and ecological reasons, it is essential to question our daily habits. According to estimates from professionals in the sector, up to 10% of our electricity bill can be attributed to the consumption of devices in standby mode. This means that a significant portion of a household's annual energy costs can be avoided through simple actions and adjustments in the use of domestic equipment.

In France, the number of electrical and electronic devices on standby in a household varies between 15 and 50, according to the same estimates. Although these devices appear inactive, their sleep mode continues to consume a significant amount of electricity.

Most of these devices in fact maintain a small transformer in permanent operation, which converts alternating current into direct current, thus generating additional energy expenditure. Since 2017, a European directive has imposed a consumption limit for devices in standby mode, not exceeding 0.5 W, and up to 3 W for connected devices.

Despite this provision, the residual consumption can represent more than 50 watts per household, which results in a significant increase in the electricity bill, estimated at at least €80 per year.

The list of 7 devices to unplug to reduce the electricity bill< /h2>

To save money, simply unplug a few devices each day. Please note, certain equipment, such as washing machines and dishwashers, need to be on standby for reasons of safety and longevity. But others can be unplugged to reduce the monthly bill. Here is the list of the 7 most electricity-intensive devices.

  • The television: it’s the champion of standby consumption. A television can consume up to 180 kWh per year, equivalent to that of a refrigerator, even though it is used continuously. In standby, its consumption fluctuates between 1 and 2 W per hour.
  • L’desktop computer :with its numerous components, the desktop computer is a large consumer of energy, especially in standby mode where it can represent a significant annual expense. The more powerful it is, the more it consumes. Gaming PCs, for example, are real financial pits, especially if they have LEDs.
  • The games console: Surprisingly, 91% of the energy consumed by a games console is attributed to its standby time. It is therefore advisable to unplug it after each use to avoid unnecessary consumption. Unless the updates are more important than your energy bill.
  • The Internet box:although it consumes 30% less energy in standby than in operation, unplugging your Internet box can help reduce your electricity bill. Obviously, unplugging a box poses comfort problems, it is better to unplug it when you are not at home.
  • The smartphone charger: often left plugged in continuously, the charger consumes electricity even when the phone is not connected. If you have a latest generation smartphone, there is a good chance that you have a smart charger that consumes almost nothing in standby mode.
  • L’printer: its intermittent use does not justify constant standby consumption. It is therefore preferable to unplug it after use. Most printers have a timer that turns it off after a certain amount of time without printing.
  • < strong>Small household appliances: coffee makers, espresso machines, toasters, and other kitchen appliances kept on standby consume unnecessary energy. It's best to unplug them when you're not using them.

Other tips for saving electricity

Beyond these targeted actions, adopting eco-friendly actions on a daily basis can significantly contribute to reducing your energy bill. Taking advantage of off-peak hours to use energy-intensive appliances, turning down the heating by one degree, choosing appliances in eco mode, or even equipping yourself with programmable switches are all beneficial practices.

Responsible purchasing is also an important lever in reducing energy consumption. Before purchasing a new appliance, it is recommended to check its energy label and to favor equipment bearing the Energy Star label, guaranteeing better energy efficiency .

  • Electronic devices use more than 10% of your electricity when they are on standby
  • 7 devices in particular can be unplugged every day to save money
  • Other gestures can still be made reduce monthly bill

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