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Elon Musk at VivaTech: 5 things to remember from the Tesla boss's conference

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Elon Musk, the visionary behind Tesla and SpaceX, literally captivated the VivaTech 2024 audience during a question-and-answer session. Between Martian dreams, artificial intelligence “honest” and future without work, the tech mogul shared his bold and sometimes controversial thoughts. Here's what you need to remember.

L’artificial intelligence: between promises and concerns

L’artificial intelligence (AI) has been the big hot topic addressed by Elon Musk. The latter expressed his reservations about the approach of OpenAI and Google Gemini, accusing them of favoring political correctness over the truth. At the same time, he presented his own chatbot, Grok AI, designed to be transparent, honest and with a keen sense of humor.

“It's important to train the AI ​​to be honest instead of being politically correct&#8221 ;, he insisted. And adding, speaking of Gemini: “Political correctness is often just plain wrong, which means you're programming the AI ​​to lie , and I think it will backfire very badly on you. Honesty is the best policy.

A world without work : utopia or reality ?

Elon Musk also spoke of a future where&# 8217;AI will undoubtedly make the job obsolete. In this scenario, a universal income would guarantee access to essential goods and services, but the question of meaning would become central.

“In an optimistic scenario, it's likely that none of us will have a job”, he said he said, adding that people would not lack goods or services.

The conquest of Mars: a goal within reach?

Elon Musk reiterated his belief that the ;#8217;humanity will become multiplanetary – predicting the arrival of the first humans on Mars within a decade.

“We must become a sustainable multi-planetary civilization. This is the first time in Earth's history that it is possible to do so. This ability might only be open for a short time,” he said.

The entrepreneur highlighted the crucial importance of the Moon as a springboard to this new frontier, while criticizing non-reusable rockets like Ariane, considering them an economic obstacle to exploration space.

SpaceX signed a nearly $3 billion contract with NASA to make Starship the cornerstone of future Artemis missions.

Les social networks : a threat to young people ?

Despite his recent takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk expressed doubts about the&# 8217;impact of these platforms on young people. He accuses them of “programming” children by stimulating their production of dopamine, which could have harmful consequences on their development.

“I worry that today’s kids are being conditioned by social media, which is a dopamine maximizer. I urge parents to limit access to social networks for their children because they are programmed”, launched the boss of 𝕏.

Time travel and introspection

When asked about the possibility of time travel and changing something in one's life, Elon Musk explained: “Overall, I'm happy with how things turned out– I probably wouldn't do anything. It is unclear whether this would lead to a worse outcome. 

And add: “I'd be curious to see a younger me, but I'd probably stay invisible and say nothing”.

  • On the sidelines of a question-and-answer session on the sidelines of VivaTech, Elon Musk spoke on various subjects, including ;AI, social networks or even Mars.
  • He criticizes OpenAI and Google Gemini for their lack of honesty in matters of AI.
  • He envisions a future without work thanks to automation.

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