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Emmanuel Macron “no limits” on Russia: the president relaunches the threat of intervention in Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron sticks to his position on Russia. Europe must be strong and put no limits on itself in responding to threats from Moscow, he declared. during his speech &agrav; The Sorbonne, this Thursday April 25.

Emmanuel Macron's speech on Europe, & The Sorbonne, this Thursday, April 25, also turned out to be êbe a speech against Russia. At least on a military level. While the President of the Republic insisted on the different axes to be addressed. invest to achieve what he calls "European power", he spoke of Russia as one of the threats hovering over the continent. "The sine qua non condition of our security is that Russia does not win the war of aggression that it is attacking me. “Don't against Ukraine,” he said.

With these declarations, Emmanuel Macron continues to toughen his tone as he began. à doing it in recent months. A choice that he accepts and even claims: "I fully accept having introduced an ambiguityïté strategic". A reference to the remarks he made on February 26 and not excluding the sending of French troops. comfortable on the front of the war in Ukraine. The mere possibility of seeing the French army on the front had been enough to prevent the attack. provoked the ire of the opposition and had not aroused enthusiasm among our European neighbors, many having dissociated themselves from presidential declarations.< /p>

"Do we have limits ? No !"

Face &agrav; These reservations, Emmanuel Macron had explained wanting to sow doubt in the mind of the Russian enemy to dissuade him from going further in the conflict and towards Europe. He had also estimated that Europe should not put up any barriers. Là again, the head of state maintained his position from La Sorbonne: "If we say that Ukraine is the condition of our security, what is at stake? in Ukraine more than sovereigntyé territorial of this country but the security of Europeans, do we have limits ? No !"

"We are facing à uninhibited power. Who attacked? a country in Europe. But who is no longer in a special operation and who no longer wants to tell us what his limit is. Why every morning should we say what all our limits are, strategically ?", questioned Emmanuel Macron wishing to convince the assembly of the merits of of his rhetoric.

The war with Ukraine and the threat represented by Russia put back on the table, in the foreground, Emmanuel Macron was able to&amp; implement its project so that Europe regains its sovereignty military. "When we have a neighbor who has become aggressive and who no longer explains his limits, but who has ballistic capabilities on which he has innovated a lot; and nuclear weapons, of which he showed capabilities, we can clearly see that we must build a strategic concept of a credible European defense' ;quot;, launchedé the French President. An initiative that he wishes to launch in the coming months and in which "France will play its full role" as an endowed country "of a model of a complete army whose objective is to be the most efficient continent" and nuclear weapons.

If the head of state persists and signs on the subject of Russia, the oppositions still reject his speech. Some parties accuse him of participating in the escalation of the conflict, & like France insoumise which, on X, estimated that "this irresponsible President risks dragging us into a generalized war !"

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