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Endometriosis: who will be able to benefit from the free test for 1000 euros ?

The Minister of Health&eac; announced this Thursday March 7 that this new screening for endometriosis could term to be supported by security social.

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease which affects 1.5 million in France according to figures from the Ministry of Health. The disease is still little known and remains very difficult to treat. diagnose. Very painful and heavy periods are often the first symptom of endometriosis. “suffering during sexual intercourse, intestinal problems, fatigue, fertility problems”, as specified on the Ministry of Health website.

This Thursday, March 7, the Minister of Health, Catherine Vautrin, declared: that a saliva test developed for by a Lyon company making it possible to detect endometriosis more quickly should be reimbursed from 2025. According to her, the government is doing what is necessary to ensure full reimbursement of the cost of the fixed test. oacute; &agrav; 1000 euros can be operated on. by Security social, and this from "January 2025". Ms. Vautrin addedé that an "experimentation on 3000  women" takes place until 'à the end of the year and that "the elements are extremely interesting". The Minister specifiedé that in order for such a measure to be put in place, the High Authority must of Health must be given his agreement. As indicated' Ms. Vautrin, between 10,000 and 20,000 could benefit from this test.

According to France Info, this test is not aimed at all women. This test only concerns women whose results from clinical examinations or medical imaging (i.e. ultrasound or MRI) did not make it possible to determine the origin of the intense pain. This method of screening has been widely used. thought as a last resort before the laparoscopy stage which is an invasive examination that can carry risks. The Minister of Health also specifiedé on France 2 that for this test to be effective, it is necessary to raise awareness among companies about endométriosis. She declared : "Obviously, we must respect medical confidentiality but it is important to explain to human resources departments that today there is a pathology that affects women, which generates consequences on their health ;eacute;, serious consequences which require absences.

This saliva test was carried out developed by a biotech company in Lyon which facilitates the screening of endometriosis. As France Info explains, the test, baptized ;eacute; "Endotest", makes it possible to identify biomarkers contained in saliva, making it possible to detect this pathology. Associé & high throughput with the use of artificial intelligence in a specialized laboratory, the test can deliver a reliable diagnosis to any patient. 95% in just a few days, as the media indicates. The latter adds that a study carried out on a thousands of women revealed very encouraging results on this test, & so much so that the High Authorityé of Health estimated it "promising".

As its name suggests, endometriosis is a disease that affects the endometrium. #39;explains the ministry's website, "a woman who has endome&triosis will see certain cells from her endometriosis migrate outside of its uterus, via the fallopian tubes, to attach to the genitals, the peritoneum, the digestive, urinary, and more rarely pulmonary systems. On these organs, the cells cause lesions, adhesions and ovarian cysts, and with them very severe pain. < /p>

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