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Euro 2024 draw: the Countries -Bas, Austria and a barrage for the Blues

The French team knows its opponents at home. Euro 2024 this Saturday, at the outcome of the draw. The Netherlands, Austria and the winner of the A play-off will be in the Blues group.

Thanks to all and all everyone for following us for this Euro 2024 draw! As a reminder, the Blues are therefore in group D with the Netherlands, Austria and the winner of path A of the play-offs (Poland, Estonia, Wales or Iceland). 

19:40 – An enticing draw

This Euro 2024 draw promises great things in the summer. next since there will be a remake of the last semi-finals of the competition from the group stage with Denmark – England and Spain – Italy.

7:30 p.m. – The Blues calendar

After this draw for Euro 2024, we know the schedule of the French team for the group stage of the competition. On Monday June 17, the French will face Austria at home. Düsseldorf before the clash against the Netherlands on Friday June 21 at Leipzig before finishing with a match against the winner of Path A of the play-offs which will be either Poland, Iceland, Wales or Estonia on Tuesday June 25 at Leipzig. Dortmund.

19:20 – The group of death?

As in Each draw, a group stands out for its level. For this Euro 2024, the group of "death" is undoubtedly group B which is composed of: from Spain, Albania, Croatia and Italy.

19:10 – Guy Stephan's reaction

Guy Stephan answered TMC's questions at the outcome of this Euro 2024 draw: "There is an unknown in this group because we do not know the last opponent. On the other hand, we know the other two teams well. The Netherlands are a sure bet in European football while Austria is, in my opinion, an underrated team. He's also our first opponent so you'll have to be ready."

19:02 – Deschamps' first words

The Blues coach reacted on TMC to the draw for this Euro 2024  : "It's a difficult group because we inherit from the Netherlands. We beat them twice but they remain a formidable opponent. We also know Austria, which we faced in 2008. in the League of Nations. The presence of the Netherlands makes this group very dense, that's for sure. It's less worse than in 2021. You'll have to be ready right away because it will be impossible to gain momentum. In preparation, we will face Germany and then we will see which teams will be available."

18:57 – The composition of the groups

As a reminder and for maximum clarity, here is the composition of the six groups of this Euro 2024.

18:54 – Olivier Giroud's reaction

The Blues striker delivered his first impressions of the group of the French team at home the outcome of this Euro 2024 draw: "I feared the Netherlands because they are never easy to win against. play. It's a good group but we remain favorites. The work will have to be done. Austria has a great generation with great players who play for big clubs. We will also see the result of the play-offs because if it's Poland or Wales çit will make a big group."

18:51 – And finally. .

The winner of play-off C will therefore find themselves in the last group of this Euro 2024. Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece or Kazakhstan will join Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic.  

18:50 – The winner of Path B in Group E

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Israel or Iceland will be in Group E consisting of: Belgium, Romania and Slovakia. 

Wales, Finland, Poland or Estonia will join the group of France, the Netherlands and Austria at the outcome of the play-offs next March.

18:48 – Serbia in Group C

Here is the composition of group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia and England.

18:48 – Italy and a group of death!

< p>The famous group of death is known! Italy is in the group of Spain, Albania, Croatia and Italy.

18:47 – Switzerland in group A

We know the entirety of what is happening of the first group of this Euro 2024: Germany, Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland.

18:46 – The last hat

This Euro 2024 draw will conclude with the last hat which is a little more complex because there are still play-offs left to play. argue. Here are the teams with an ogre: Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Winner of play-off A (Wales, Finland, Poland or Estonia), Winner of play-off B (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Israel or Iceland), Winner of Dam-off C (Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece or Kazakhstan).

18:45 – Czechia in the last group

And finally Czechia joins Portugal and Turkey in group F which is the last in this Euro 2024 draw.  

18:44 – Slovakia in group E

Belgium and Romania have a new opponent with Slovakia which has just joined group E . 

This is undoubtedly the most difficult opponent in hat 3! The Netherlands was drawn in group D which is that of France and Austria.

18:43 – Slovenia in group C

The Slovenes join England and Denmark in Group C.

18:42 – Croatia with Spain!

< p>What a poster! Croatia joins the group of Spain and Albania.

18:41 – Scotland in Group A

Germany and Hungary are joined by Scotland. The opening match will therefore be Germany – Scotland on June 14 at home. Munich.

18:40 – Hat 3 with beautiful people

After hat 2, logic is respected with pre ;presentation of the hat 3 teams: Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia

18:39 – Turkey with Portugal

Portugal is therefore joined by Turkey in this draw for Euro 2024.

18:39 – Romania in the Belgium group

The Belgians also know one of their opponents for the next Euro 2024. Romania joins Belgium.

The first match of Euro 2024 for the French will face each other. Austria.


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