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Euro Dams 2024: the posters already known!” /></p>
<p> Tickets for the Euro 2024 play-offs are awarded based on the Nations League ranking. We already know several posters of these rather special dams. Explanations. </p>
<p>Tonight, the final matches of the qualifiers will determine whether Croatia or Wales will clinch the last direct place for Euro 2024. The other team will have to go through dams. We already know all other participants in these play-offs, which will take place in March and will distribute the three remaining tickets for the Euro in Germany. These play-off tickets were not sold. distributed according to the rankings of the qualifiers, but those of the 2022-2023 Nations League.</p>
<p>12 teams are therefore participating in this event. these dams: these are the 4 nations having obtained the best results in each of the three "divisions" (A, B, C) of the League of Nations who will compete for these precious seeds. The format of the play-offs will be in three "ways" distinct, corresponding to These divisions of the Nations League: each with two semi-finals and a final, the winner of which will qualify. for Euro 2024. In each path, the semi-finals are determined by the general ranking of the UEFA Nations League: the 1st receives the 4th, and the 2nd receives the 3rd.</p>
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