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Euro 2024: you can't imagine all the technologies integrated into the new ball official

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On June 14, Euro 2024 football will begin. Twenty-four nations will compete in Germany over 51 matches. All will be played with the same ball, presented by Adidas this November 15. This “Fussballliebe” will be a true technological gem.

In the center of the ball, Adidas has integrated a small chip attached to a gyroscope. This sensor, called “Connected Ball” by Adidas, must be able to measure the intensity of the inertial movement of the ball. Thanks to this technology, Adidas promises that “offside” during matches will be better taken into account by referees, particularly those using video and VAR.

To help them make the best decisions, the ball should send 500 messages per second to provide insight into every element of the ball's movement. This data will allow the movements of the ball to be visualized in 3D.

Euro 2024:

© Adidas

Better reading of the game

By knowing very precisely the position of the ball at each moment of the match, the referees will be able to know very precisely when a player has hit the ball. UEFA hopes that this new technology will strengthen semi-automatic offside, an intelligent feature implemented by the football body in Europe to make the game more fluid.

The arrival of this technology should also make it possible to have better knowledge of the circulation of the ball during a match. This data could be very interesting in the analysis of matches, both for coaches and for the general public. Adidas and UEFA have not yet explained under certain conditions the data collected by the ball during the game will be made public.

An environmentally friendly ball< /h2>

Another major commitment made by Adidas in the design of this new ball, greater respect for the environment. The German brand has in fact explained that it has chosen a recycled polyester for the outer layer.

The inscriptions and colors of this new ball are painted with water-based ink. Adidas promises that this ball uses more bio-sourced materials than any ball the brand has ever produced. Thus, we can find corn fiber, sugar cane, but also natural rubber in the design of this balloon.

150 euros each

S’ However, offering the official Euro 2024 ball should not be possible for all football lovers. Indeed, Adidas has planned to sell its product, but at a price of 150 euros each. At such a price, the ball risks passing under the noses of a good number of players.

The German brand has promised that one percent of the revenue linked to the sales of the balls will be donated to the Common Goal association, founded by former Spanish player Juan Mata. She helps people in difficulty through football.

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