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European justice rules in favor of the Super League against UEFA and FIFA: what implications for the future of European football ?

European justice declared "illegal" the sanctions envisaged by UEFA and FIFA in the event of the organization of the Super League. What future for European competitions?

A historic judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), published today this Thursday morning, declaredé "illegal" the rules of FIFA and UEFA "subjecting & their prior authorization for the creation of any project for a new interclub football competition, such as the Superleague, and prohibiting clubs and players from participating in the competition. this, under penalty of sanctions." These measures, taken to prevent the creation of a & possible European Super League, are an "abuse of a dominant position" in the eyes of European justice, violating competition law.

The dispute began in April 2021, when twelve of the top clubs in England, Spain and Italy announced their signings. their intention to create a European Super League, with the aim of rivaling the UEFA Champions League. The league project quickly ran into trouble. &agrav; opposition from supporters and the threat of sanctions from UEFA, which ultimately led to his abandonment. 

Although the unprecedented decision of this Thursday, December 21, is focused on the alleged monopoly of UEFA, it deliberately refrained from passing judgment on the viability of the game. of a separate league, leaving the door open to new players. possible future proposals: "A competition such as the Superleague project should not necessarily be authorized. Indeed, the Court being questioned, in a general way, on the rules of FIFA and UEFA , it does not take a position, in its judgment, on this specific project."

A historic victory for the Super League players

Bernd Reichart, president of A22, the companyé of sports management which promotes the Super League, celebrated the stoppage as an important victory: "We won  the right to exist. Clubs are now free from the threat of sanctions AND free to determine their own future. " Before adding an astonishing statement: “For supporters: we offer free broadcasting of all Superleague matches."

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, greeted the decision by declaring that “European club football is not and will never again be a monopoly”, emphasizing that clubs are responsible for ;eacute;now masters of their destiny. FC Barcelona, ​​one of the driving forces behind the Super League project, also welcomed the move. of this decision via its president, Joan Laporta.

After the verdict, UEFA took note of the decision but clarified that that she did not approve of the concept of the Super League. UEFA expressed expressed its confidence in its new rules, affirming that they complied with European laws and regulations. For the moment, FIFA has not made an official statement on the matter. this subject. The Spanish League, firmly opposed to this project since its birth, has reacted: "Today more than ever, we reiterate that the "Super League&quot ; is a selfish and elitist model. Anything that is not completely open, with direct access only to the through the national championships, season by season, is a closed format."

A new Super League project ?

The unfinished attempt to create a European Super League in April 2021 involved twelve major clubs from England, Spain and Spain. Italy (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan). Nine of them initially withdrew due to negative reactions, but Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus maintained their commitment . Juventus then announced his intention to withdraw from any future projects in June 2023.

The organizers recently revealed a new format for the Super League, aiming for a competition in three divisions, with 64 teams qualified solely on the basis of sporting performance with promotions and replays. gations, thus eliminating the idea of ​​a permanent affiliation. Enough to convince the smallest players in European football, who feared being permanently excluded from major competitions with this Super League project ?

Not necessarily. The national championships remain on the whole opposed to the national championships. the scale that this “European championship” would take, which would encroach on their sporting and economic stature. And this despite the promise that matches will be played in the middle of the week, with no impact on the national leagues. Above all, the supporters showed their support. virulent opposition from the four corners of Europe during the previous project.

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