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Everyone does it in their car, however, beyond a certain level, beware of the fine

Some motorists do not hesitate to do so. turn up the music volume in the car. Are they at risk of something ?

On the road, some people can sometimes confuse a car and a nightclub. And even without going as far as swing your hips in your seat or sing to yourself. loudly listening to the song of your favorite artist, it is true that turning up the volume on the car radio while driving has a small side to it. oacute; exhilarating. But what does the Highway Code say? this subject ? Can you drive with music &agrave? background without any limit ? If hundreds of thousands of motorists like to blare their car's speakers, few know that not everything is allowed and that this can cause serious harm. butcher on a fine.

Because the risk is not only damaging your ears. Although there is no rule in France concerning the number of decibels authorized in a car, the Highway Code stipulates, in #39;article R412-6, which "the driver must, à at all times, adopt cautious and respectful behavior towards other users of open roads à traffic." Now, let's face it, turning the volume up to maximum in the middle of traffic, especially if we roll down the windows, is not the greatest mark of respect we can have towards &agrav;-with respect to other road users. Not to mention that it can be dangerous both for yourself and for others.

Everyone does it in their car, however, beyond a certain level, beware of the fine

By car, like &agrav; feet or &agrav; When cycling, being aware of your surroundings is essential. And this is not too compatible with listening to very loud sound, on the contrary, it contributes to cut the conductor from the environment in which it operates. When you turn up the volume beyond Beyond a certain limit in the passenger compartment, exterior sounds can no longer be heard. However, the sirens of emergency vehicles, the honks of other users and even sometimes the sounds of pedestrians and cyclists in city ​​are essential for safe driving. Without forgetting that the high volume Music can distract the driver and reduce their ability to operate. &agrav; concentrate on the road, thus increasing the risk of an accident.

If, as has been said, no law prohibits in France the listening to music very loudly When you are behind the wheel, the police still have the right to fine a motorist for this reason. It's all a question of judgment, particularly whether the volume released from the vehicle can make it more dangerous to drive. If this is the case, the driver may be fined a second class fine and therefore have to pay 35 euros. The same sanction can be applied at night, especially if the vehicle is at rest. the stop and disturbs local residents, because it is assimilated to Nocturnal noise.

For those who love listening to music & While driving, there is no point in saying that you can avoid the problem by putting headphones on your head or earphones in your ears. It's been formally prohibited while driving since 2015, and the bill will be even steeper because it is punishable by a fine of 135 euros and loss 3 points on the driving license.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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