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Exceptional floods in Dubai, impressive images

Hit by major floods, the city of Dubaiï woke up under water this Wednesday. Air traffic is strongly impacted.

Dubaï under the waters. Two years of rain fell in 24 hours in the emirate on Tuesday. The international airport, one of the busiest in the world, has diverted part of the flights due to the torrential rains which fell on the Gulf. Significant flooding is also expected. deplore in other countries like Oman or Barein.

Exceptional floods in Dubai, impressive images

Collapsed roads and closed schools

&In Dubaiï, several shopping centers and metro stations have been closed down. flooded. Some roads even collapsed under the power of the waters. Residential neighborhoods have also been destroyed. affected. Schools have been closed. closed in the Emirates and should remain closed this Wednesday.

More than 16cm of rain fell. recorded in the United Arab Emirates city between Monday evening and Tuesday evening according to the Dubai Meteorological Office. while, usually, over the entire month of April, the city only receives 3mm at most. Some regions even have recorded more than 80mm of rain in just 24 hours. At Dubai airport, no less than 160 liters of water per m2 were used. readings. An impressive level for this desert country. 

Exceptional floods in Dubai, impressive images

How to explain this exceptional episode ?

Across the United Arab Emirates, 119mm of rain fell in one day , or the equivalent of a year and a half of precipitation. A rare episode which can be explained by the presence of a cold drop above the Persian Gulf. In other words, a depression with very cold air at altitude and warmer in the lower levels. À Oman, 18 people have died since Sunday due to heavy rains, indicated the ONA press agency, this Tuesday, April 16. schoolchildren and three adults died in particular, their vehicle having been damaged. carried away by flash floods.

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