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Excluded: The unmissable CyberGhost VPN offer is still available

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CyberGhost is a VPN that was launched in 2011 and since then, it has continued to develop. So much so that today, it is clearly among the best VPNs of the moment. But what exactly is a VPN??

A Virtual Private Network is simple software that you can install on a multitude of devices and which has several uses. It allows you to secure your online data as well as access blocked content, for example. And right now, CyberGhost is doing you a favor by giving you access to all its services for only €2.19 per month.

Using CyberGhost every day

Using VPNs is simple, and CyberGhost is no exception. To install the tool, simply go to its official page to subscribe to an offer (including the current offer at €2.19). A few simple steps are then proposed, and you can then download the software in a few clicks.

The same goes for mobile devices, where you can go directly to your usual application store to download the tool. In terms of compatibility, CyberGhost exists for Windows, macOS, iOS (the best VPNs for iPhone here), Android and Linux. It even comes in versions for Smart TV, connected box or even router.

And once you have CyberGhost, you can log in and use it without delay. To activate it, just one click on the “On/Off” is enough. From then on, the VPN is active and protects you online.

To choose a virtual location, all you have to do is double-click on the country of your choice in the list offered on the application. And once that's done, all you have to do is minimize the VPN and let it run in the background.

Navigate as usual without worrying about the tool, and come back to deactivate it with the same button as to activate it when you are finished. You will agree, it's very simple. And to be sure there will be no problems, responsive and competent customer support is available 24/7.

But how exactly does it work?

You may be wondering how CyberGhost actually works to give you access to the benefits we mentioned above. As for online security, be aware that as soon as you activate the tool, it encrypts your connection end-to-end and hides your IP address.

These two settings make you anonymous online and protect you from the risks of hacking, spying or theft. But that's not all. When you choose a country on the CyberGhost app, it changes your IP address.

You then display an IP that emanates from one of the provider's servers in the territory in question, so that your perceived location online is changed. This will then make it possible to unblock normally inaccessible content, such as Netflix catalogs, game servers, websites or even IPTV channels.

And for this, CyberGhost has more than 10,000 servers in around a hundred different countries. The choice is therefore vast, and these infrastructures also make it possible to provide very good connection speeds, for smooth navigation in all areas.

Icing on the cake: CyberGhost is completely no logs. It therefore does not store any information about what you do online when you use the tool. The service is therefore 100% complete.

And above all: the publisher's current promotional offer

Let's not keep you waiting any longer, and let's get into the details of the promotional offer that CyberGhost is currently displaying. This concerns the publisher's 2-year plan.

This is subject to an immediate 82% discount as well as 2 additional months free. . Put back at the monthly level, this only represents €2.19 of expenditure, which is truly incredible for a VPN of this quality.

Especially since this offer does not come alone. It comes with 7 authorized simultaneous connections. You can therefore cover all your devices and equip your entire family without having to pay more. Plus, an extended 45-day money-back guarantee has your back.

You can therefore subscribe without fear because if you change your mind, you will be refunded upon simple request to customer service. And to take advantage of this offer, nothing could be simpler: click on the links in this article and let yourself be guided. So, don't wait to get started, a few minutes are enough.

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