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Excluded: this Easter NordPass promo is not valid anywhere else

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Password management has become a real problem in many areas. Whether in a personal or professional context, many passwords must be configured, remembered, entered, and they are often quite insecure. So, password management solutions appeared. But as you can imagine, they are clearly not all the same, especially in terms of security.

That's why we're focusing on NordPass here. This password management system is offered by the company Nord Security, which also markets – among others – the famous VPN NordVPN. NordPass is not only optimal in all respects, but we are also offering you an exclusive promotional offer here, so that you can benefit from it for only €1.27 per month.

The advantages of a password management solution

You may be wondering why you should equip yourself with a solution to manage your passwords. With NordPass, you will have many good reasons to do so. First of all, know that this solution will allow you to generate infinite passwords.

These will be secured as much as possible in order to be as safe as possible against hacking attempts. But this is not the only advantage of NordPass (our full article on NordPass here). This solution also allows you to save these passwords in a secure location. It will then be possible to automatically fill them in during your various connections.

You will not have to remember or record them: NordPass takes care of everything. To go further, this system even allows you to synchronize your passwords across all your devices, so you can automatically log in to all your accounts from anywhere.

In addition, NordPass allows you to save your credit cards securely, so that you can automatically enter them during your online transactions. This will not only be easy, but also much more secure than saving your cards directly in your browser or your device for example.

For the practical side, know that you can organize all of this in folders according to your needs, and that you will have the possibility of sharing your passwords if necessary with relatives or colleagues.< /p>

This service seems complete to you? Hold on tight, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of it for only €1.27 per month (-15% compared to the basic offer). This unbeatable price is only offered here, and this offer is for a limited time for Easter. So, if you want to try NordPass, now is the perfect time.

Don't worry about safety

If NordPass is such a qualitative solution, it is also because it does not leave security to chance: it is a priority here. For this, many parameters are applied. Please note that all your data, passwords, security keys and credit cards are protected by XChaCha20 encryption.

NordPass also gives you the ability to monitor the status of your passwords. The tool detects the most vulnerable passwords so that you can replace them with more powerful passwords. Along the same idea of ​​surveillance, with the NordPass solution, you will be able to find out if you have data that has been disclosed.

But the publisher also thinks about your online transactions and the risk they represent. Thus, anonymous and disposable email addresses can be used, so as not to take risks with your real mailboxes.

Also, access to your NordPass account is not left out of security. Note first of all that you will have the possibility to configure multi-factor authentication. Then, biometric identification can also be implemented (in particular via facial recognition).

Finally, the password management solution offered by NordPass was audited by an external firm, which confirmed the security of the service. In terms of compatibility, you can enjoy NordPass on all your devices, because the application is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

And let's remember that on the occasion of Easter and exclusively here, . The icing on the cake: you take no risk in trying NordPass, because you will have 30 days to change your mind and receive a full refund.

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