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Fallout (Prime Video): what is the series worth according to reviews ?

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Amazon Prime Video hits hard this Thursday, April 11 with the release of its series Fallout. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, known for their excellent collaboration on Westworld, are at work on this new production. So what is this adaptation of the famous Bethesda video game worth? This is what we will see in this article.

What is Fallout about?

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Let's start by recalling the official synopsis of this fiction:

Fallout is the story of the haves and the have-nots in a world where there is almost nothing left to have. 200 years after the apocalypse, the kind inhabitants of the luxurious fallout shelters are forced to return to the incredibly complex, joyously strange and extremely violent universe that awaits them above.

The series benefits from a very solid casting with renowned actors. We can notably cite Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Walton Goggins (Justified), Ella Purnell ( Yellowjackets) and Xelia Mendes-Jones (The Wheel of Time). Without forgetting, Aaron Moten (Emancipation), Moisés Arias (The King of Staten Island) and Johnny Pemberton (21 Jump Street).

What are the reviews saying?

On the specialized sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, Fallout obtains respectable scores: 69 and 93& ;nbsp;%. For our part, we rather liked this launch: “Without the first episode of Fallout being exceptional, it lays the foundations and has the merit of capturing our full attention. The series is sure to thrill fans of dystopia and retrofuturism. But not sure that it is at the level that Prime Video would have liked”. To find out the opinion of Presse-citron in more detail, click here.

The Journal du Geek appreciated the final rendering:

Thanks to its excellent foundations, this adaptation will certainly have no trouble correcting its main errors in future bursts of episodes. Like the Vault-Boy of Vault-Tec, let's give a “thumbs up” to this great attempt that Amazon serves us.

Satisfaction is also on the side of Première which underlines in particular: “The Prime Video series reinvents the post-apocalyptic genre, adopting a satirical approach, conscious of the end times, which fits perfectly with the spirit of the game. While The Last of Us had succeeded to capture all the melancholy of the Playstation masterpiece, Fallout manages to admirably transcribe the madness of the universe imagined by developer Todd Howard .

Fallout reconciles gamers and neophytes

CNN.com was, however, not convinced by the series. Its critic explains: “As season 1 comes to an end, we feel less impatience for what comes next than general relief at the end. ;#8217;the idea that this somewhat messy introduction, and the contortions to incorporate its eclectic roster of players, are over”.

Finally, the magazine Empire is won over by this project capable of attracting long-time gamers and newcomers alike:

Fallout expands on the games' big ideas, making it an adaptation worth watching for both fans and those unfamiliar with it. It's a series that is both funny and nightmarish and, like its protagonist, is not content to live in a projection of the past.

If you have already been able to watch the episodes of the series, what did you think of it ? Do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments.

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