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Fatal knife attack in Bordeaux: a possible religious motive ?

The knife attack which left one dead and one injured serious &agrav; Bordeaux on the evening of Wednesday April 10 does not present a terrorist character according to the prosecution. The attacker's motive could be linked to the crime. &agrav; alcohol consumption on Aïd.

An attack and three deaths. On the evening of Wednesday April 10, an armed man attacked him. a knife attacked fatally shot and injured one person seriously another &agrav; Bordeaux, on the Place du Miroir d'eau popular with walkers, on the banks of the Garonne. The process facts are becoming clearer and according to witnesses, the attacker would have stopped the two victims and the altercation allegedly started through exchanges of “fisticuffs” before turning into a knife attack, he said. the prosecutor of the Republic of Bordeaux, Frédérique Porterie, in a press briefing this Thursday, April 11.

Repéré by the police while he was trying to flee, the suspect was arrested. shot dead by a police officer à using a submachine gun. "The suspect headed towards the towards the police officers with a knife, he was threatening towards the police officers, indicated the magistrate.

Identity authentication of the suspect is in progress thanks to à his fingerprints. "He would be of Afghan origin and â 25 years old, according to the magistrate. During the attack, “he was armed” “a fairly large knife, more like a hunting knife,” she added.

A motif linked to the &agrav; alcohol… and religious?

According to the first elements of the investigation, “no element militates in favor of ;#39;an attack terrorist connotation. "There were no a priori Islamist comments made by the author", indicated" &agrav; AFP a source close to the investigation before the press conference.

At the same time, another path is emerging. The attacker accused the two victims he targeted, "in broken French", of consuming alcohol. #39;alcohol while "it'éwas Aïd", indicatedé Fr&dérique Porterie, corroborating information from Le Parisien which claimed that the suspect would have stabbed these people à cause “of a dispute related' &agrav; alcohol during Ramadan. Testimonies received by the prosecutor relates a previous altercation between the assailant and two other people who were drinking rosé. on the day of Aïd. Là Also a punch and an elbow were taken. changed, before the suspect asked the individuals to "come and fight" taking out her knife, continued the magistrate.

The victims are of nationality Algerian, one of whom is homeless and the other hosted by France Terre d'Asile. The person killed was 37 years old, the one injured was 26 years old , we specifiedé from a police source. The deceased victim presents "nine wounds" by stabbing, including two with "heart attack". The second man received three wounds, but his life is no longer in danger. this time" reassured the prosecutor.

Two open investigations

Two investigations were carried out open has confirmed the public prosecutor. The one targeting the assailant was attacked. open for counts of "murder, attempted murder and violence with a weapon". The second was é entrusted to the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) "for intentional homicide in order to clarify the circumstances in which one police officers" was é brought&eac; "à use his service weapon in order to neutralize the assailant" specifiedé the magistrate. Self-defense seems "considered". 

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