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Fear of sectarian excesses increases before the conference on extraterrestrials in Limoges

This weekend, the Zénith de Limoges will host the "Exovision Symposium", éevent to "prepare" the eventuality of an encounter with extraterrestrials. His behavior in the city raises fears of sectarian excesses.

Extraterrestrials have always intrigued. Some go as far as '` wondering when they will arrive on Earth. According to the results of an Ipsos survey carried out end of 2022 and taken up in 20 minutes, 12% of French people believe that an extraterrestrial visit could take place soon ;#39;soon. To respond to Some questions on the subject, an unprecedented event is being held at the Zenith in Limoges this weekend. For three days, an "Exovision Symposium" takes place in the city with a series of conferences organized by the Association Alliances celestes.

While this may seem fun at first, the guest list is worrying. There we find, for example, the  vidéaste Antoine Cuttitta, who according to the observatory of conspiracyism belongs to the covid-skeptical and anti-vax movement and is also a follower of the far-right conspiracy movement coming from the United States called QAnon. "The guest list raised a lot of questions, notably on the link with conspiracy and perhaps certain health practices, thé “therapeutic conditions which are perhaps a little bit worrying,” he explained. BFMTV, Quentin Bruet-Ferréol, journalist, specialist in marginal practices.

On the eve of the event, fears of sectarian drift are growing. However, the president of Alliances celestes assures that this will not be the case. "We are clear, that' This is a representation, there is no deviation. The public comes freely, they will show discernment, reflections, and will do their own research,” assured Jean-Michel Raoux à BFMTV. The NGO Alliances Célestes is not, moreover, classified as gorised as a sectarian movement.

3,000 people expected

The objective of this meeting is present' thus: "prepare it'Humanityé to meetings with our benevolent celestial friends", "inform correctly" and "reduce the fear and stress that this type of encounter can generate”. According to the official program, "3000 beautiful âsouls" are expected at the event whose entry price is between 150 and 190 euros. The first day will be devoted to &agrav; "exobiology and exopolitics", the second  "science and metaphysics" and finally the last day will revolve around "the'Humanityé and the  New World". The event closed on Monday with a "gala evening" including aperitif, dinner and orchestra in the company of well-known speakers and guests. 

The association explains on its site that it wants to promote a serious strategy of predictable relationships between terrestrial human beings and members of civilizations of an extraterrestrial exobiological nature in order to benefit both parties from a collaboration of a humanitarian, philosophical, medical, energetic and technological nature. ;. A dozen practitioners adept at parallel medicines such as "quantum hypnosis" or "harmonization of the chakras" will also be present at the event to provide "care".

An event that quickly divided

Since the announcement of the "Exovision Symposium" &agrav; Limoges, some showed themselves to be perplexed or even worried. The vice-president of the Haute-Vienne departmental council, Thierry Miguel, said: He was said to be shocked. of holding such an event, as reported by BFMTV : "What are these eccentrics who invite themselves & Limoges to bring the ideas of charlatans and conspirators into people's heads ?" The president of Gemmpi, association of presidents prevention and aid against sectarian excesses, is also concerned about the presence of people on site: & ;quot;We can't put everyone in the same bag, but we must also expect find manipulators", did he howé from BFMTV

On the side of the Zénith, Pascale Tauzin, director of equipment, justified, to the Populaire du Center, an important "duty of neutrality" and explained that "not agreeing to rent the room for this or that event could be assimilated to" &agrav; a refusal to sell". 

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