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Fed up with politics ? These two social networks are made for you

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If you are tired of endless controversies, especially on X (formerly Twitter), there is now a refuge where politics will be reduced to a minimum. Meta has just announced that it will no longer recommend content related to this theme on Instagram and Threads. In a recently published post, the Tech giant explains that “people told us they wanted to see less political content”< /em>.

From now on, this change which will take effect in the coming weeks will apply to public accounts. It concerns Instagram Reels and Explore and suggested users on Threads. It remains to be seen what Meta's exact definition of political content is.

The example of X in everyone's heads

< p>According to a spokesperson for the group quoted by Engadget: “Our definition of political content is content that may relate to topics related to government or elections; for example, messages about laws, elections or social topics”.

He adds: “These global issues are complex and dynamic, meaning this definition will evolve as we continue to understand engage with the people and communities who use our platforms and with external experts to refine our approach.”

However, Mark Zuckerberg's firm wants to allow everyone who wishes to consult political content to still be able to do so. However, they will have to select this option in their settings. Furthermore, the changes will not affect the way Internet users see messages from accounts already followed.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, specifies&nbsp ;: “Our goal is to preserve the ability for people to choose to interact with political content, while respecting each individual's appetite for it. contents”.

In any case, this radical decision may not please everyone. Some users have rightly criticized Threads and Instagram for downplaying certain publications that address divisive themes, notably vaccines. Meta does not intend to take risks and prefers to focus on more consensual content which does not risk putting off advertisers.

The idea is undoubtedly to avoid finding yourself in the situation of Many excesses followed, and the biggest advertisers on the service decided to stop their advertising campaigns on the platform.

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