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Fire on Johnny-Parent: police investigate the first homicide of the year in Quebec

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The Service of the Quebec City police took stock in front of the residence on Boulevard Johnny-Parent.

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The woman found lifeless in a fire on Johnny-Parent Boulevard on Sunday morning was apparently the victim of a homicide. The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) has opened an investigation to find the murderer of Joëlle Lapointe, 42 years old.

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Joëlle Lapointe was found dead in her home after an arson fire. The SPVQ believes that the distribution of her photo could help the investigation if citizens encountered her before her death.

Until now, the police suspected arson. This is now a murder investigation.

An SPVQ command post was established near the duplex where the victim was found, at 98 boulevard Johnny-Parent.

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The Service of the Quebec City police stationed its mobile command post on Johnny-Parent Boulevard.

The police are looking for witnesses and invite the population to contact the SPVQ if they have information about the victim.

At the moment, no one has been arrested in the case. All theses are favored for the moment, confirms David Poitras.

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Recall that around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, witnesses called 911 seeing flames coming from the basement. Ms. Lapointe was pronounced dead on site.

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The body of Joëlle Lapointe has was found in her Loretteville residence after a fire.

According to our information, firefighters found Joëlle Lapointe tied up.

An autopsy will be performed on the victim to determine the causes of his death.

Joëlle Lapointe was the owner of the premises.

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