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Five French clubs in the Champions League from next season, it's possible!

If the French clubs continue çagrave; obtain good results in the European Cup, they could offer themselves five places in the Champions League from next season.

The excellent results of the French clubs, who are all still competing in Europe after the group stages, could well offer a fifth place in the Champions League &agrav; France. From next year, with the reform of European competitions and the passage of C1 from 32 ;agrave; 36 clubs, France will obtain a fourth place in C1 via the championship. But above all, an additional place will be reserved for the two countries with the best UEFA coefficient of the past season: a reward for everyone. which French clubs can claim.

If France is currently only sixth in the number of points registered in France, the UEFA index this season, its total of 11,583 points The outcome of the group stage is in reality very high, almost as much as that at the end of last season (12,583). New positive results could really mix France with the rest of the world. the fight for this additional place in the Champions League.

How many points should French clubs score to be in the "top 2&quot? of European nations this season? The answer is actually rather simple: 19 points. No nation has ever finished above and beyond. second place with a total of 19 points or more. It is therefore currently missing 7.5  points à France to obtain a fifth place in the Champions League. An achievable performance?

By adding the points obtained thanks to the results of the matches and the bonus points accumulated at After each round, we can obtain an estimate of the performances necessary for French clubs to score 7.5 points and win this fifth place in the Champions League. And the scenario is not completely unrealistic: for example, Paris Saint-Germain would have to reach the final of the Champions League and Lille would win the Conference League, or vice versa, and that OM and RC Lens go as far as the semi-finals of the Europa League. 

All based on the probable hypothesis that Stade Rennais and Toulouse will not score any more points, because they will respectively face AC Milan and Benfica Lisbon in the Europa League play-offs, two a priori much superior opponents. A nice surprise during these meetings could therefore even bring in additional points, as well as a victory for a French club in the Europa League for example. Note that the results during the Europa League and Conference League play-off matches do not award points; but a bonus point is given à the one who qualifies for the round of 16 of the Europa League.

If Toulouse and Rennes have inherited tough opponents in the Europa League play-off, RC Lens and OM start as slight favorites against SC Friborg and Shakhtar Donetsk, like PSG against Real Sociedad in the round of 16 of C1. Finally, Lille is one of the serious contenders for the future. victory in the Conference League, which is not insignificant because it brings almost as many points as the other competitions.

Here, in detail, is the scenario studied:

This estimate is made by counting a victory and a draw during the double confrontations where the French clubs would qualify, and a defeat and a draw in the event of elimination.

  • Paris Saint-Germain: Champions League finalist (12/6=2 points)
  • Olympique de Marseille: semi-finalist of the Europa League (10/6= 1.67 points)
  • RC Lens: semi-finalist of the Europa League (10/6= 1.67 points)
  • Toulouse FC: éeliminé in the Europa League play-offs (0  points)
  • Stade Rennais: éeliminatedé in the Europa League play-offs (0  points)
  • Lille: winner of the Europa Conference League (13/6= 2.16 points)

As a reminder, here is the scale applied to to calculate the UEFA Nations Index:

All points indicated are available. divide by the number of clubs participating in the European Cups for each country, therefore 6 for France.

  • All victory à from the group stage (excluding the Europa League and Conference League play-offs): 2 points
  • Any draw à from the group stage (except play-offs): 1 point
  • Results in Europa League and Conference League play-off matches do not award points
  • Each round reached by the clubs à from the round of 16 (in the Champions League and Europa League): 1 point
  • Qualification in semi-final and final (in Conference League): 1 point
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