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Flèche Wallonne 2024: victory at the end of hell for Stephen Williams after an anthology edition, the summary

Stephen Williams won the Flè Wallonne 2024 after an edition marked by particularly difficult or particularly difficult weather conditions. the favorites failed.

The essentials

  • Stephen Williams won the 88th edition of the Flè Wallonne 2024 
  • Favorites like Skjelmose, Pidcock or Hirschi fell for it! quite early in the race. 
  • The first Frenchman finished second in the race. Kevin Vauquelin finished just behind Stephen Williams. 


16:30 – Four French people in the top 10

French runners have no merit in this Flè Wallonne 2024. In addition to the excellent performance of Kévin Vauquelin who finished ' second place ahead of Maxim Van Gils, Cosnefroy finished 4th, Gregoire 7th, Godon 8th and Martin 10th. 

16:25 – The winner's first words

"What a day. I'm super happy now. I'm glad I held on to this. I arrived when I had started from afar. “I'm particularly tired,” he said. Stephen Williams, out of breath and bundled up under a big down jacket.

16:20 – The first British crowned &agrav; Flè first English à win this Classic. 

The Briton left à 200 meters from the arrival and resisted the attack. upon the return of Frenchman Kévin Vauquelin! Stephen Williams wins the Flèche Wallonne 2024. 

16:15 – No attack yet (800m)

No runners attacked; for the moment in this terrible last ascent of the Mur de Huy! 

And it's the big moment! A tight peloton arrives at the foot of the last ascent of the Mur de Huy! The favorites are far behind and three Frenchmen can still believe it! Cosnefroy, Gregoire and Madouas are in the mix.

16:11 – Ça is observed (3km)

The Mur de Huy approaches à big steps and it is in this ascension that everything will be played out in this Flè Wallonne 2024. Tadej Pogacar's successor will be known in a few minutes!

16:09 – Five more kilometers! (5km)

The suspense is immense at the end of Flèche Wallonne 2024. Around thirty runners are placed in the race. &agrav; ahead of the race and is aiming for a prestigious victory at the Mur de Huy. The last ascent of this sacred monster is coming now!

16:04 – Ça draw nexté French (9.5km)

Madouas and Gregoire are at the back of the pack at the time when the pack arrives. ça drives hard à before the race. 

16:02 – The last ten kilometers! (10km)

The lead of the race falls below the 10 kilometer mark in this Flè Wallonne 2024 which will soon deliver its verdict. End of madness &agrav; come. 

15:59 – A group arrival at the summit (13km)

The race leader arrived grouped at the summit of the Côte d'Ereffe. Everything will certainly play out in the Mur de Huy as planned. Valentin Madouas held on to the victory and repositioned itself &agrav; the front of the peloton. 

15:57 – Madouas at the back of the peloton! (14km)

Terrible for Valentin Madouas who is giving up on the last ascent of the Côte d&apos ;Ereffe. 

15:55 – It's over for Andersen! (14.5km)

The Dane's solitary rush is over; in this Flè Wallonne 2024. The peloton has just caught up with the leading rider. They are therefore 17 à to be able to claim to be a final victory. 

15:52 – The five pursuers recaptured! (16.5km)

Emmené by the Uno-X team, the peloton catches up on the chasing group and chases Andersen at the head of the race. What suspense in this Flèche Wallonne 2024. Two more climbs. 

15:50 – Andersen turns around (18km)

The Dane begins à crack and turn around more and more while the pursuers are à 16" and the platoon is &agrav; 30". This end of Flè Wallonne 2024 still remains particularly uncertain. 

15: 46 – Change of bike for Prodhomme (22km)

The Frenchman from AG2R and teammate of Benoit Cosnefroy will having to make an effort to get back into the peloton after having been beaten. forced to change bikes.

15:43 – Andersen has heavy legs (24km)

The leader of this Flè Wallonne 2024 begins à crack slightly and the peloton falls under a minute behind. The five pursuers are à 40" from the Dane. 

15:39 – Five men behind Andersen! (27km)

The Dane is still at the head of this Flè Wallonne 2024 and could be joined by five riders who chased Andersen. Williams wasé ; taken over by Van Gils, Vauquelin, Buitrago and Carapaz. They are about fifteen seconds ahead of the peloton. 

15:33 – Williams' counter! (30.5km)

Stephen Williams makes a big effort at the top of the Mur de Huy and falls on the descent à second place. He is gaining time on the current leader of this Flèche Wallonne 2024. 

15:32 – Andersen at the top, the last round is launched; ! (31.5km)

Last lap of this Flè Wallonne 2024!  Soren Kragh Andersen takes the lead at the top of the Mur de Huy and must hold on to the lead. a little more than 30 kilometers from the finish. There remains an ascent of the Côte d'Ereffe and the Mur de Huy. 

15:29 – Andersen resists! (32km)

Impressive Dane at the head of the race. Andersen maintains his lead of one minute and thirty seconds over the peloton before losing ground in the final part of the race. 

15:26 – Milder conditions (34km)

After more than an hour in the rain , hail, wind and even snow, the runners have a little more pleasant weather at the end of the day. approaching the last 30 kilometers of this Flè Wallonne 2024. 

15:25 – Ben Healy at the head of the peloton (35.5km)

In a descending part, the Irishman wants to distance himself from the peloton but ç it seems to be wasted effort for the EF Education-Easypost rider. 

15:21 – The beautiful number from Andersen (39km)

Even if there are still many kilometers to go to go, the Dane seems to be having a great day for this 88th edition of the Fl&grave Wallonne and he is not weakening, quite the contrary. He is 1'15" ahead of the peloton. 

15:16 – A new acceleration (43 ,5km)

Ilan Van Wilder places an attack à his turn &agrav; at the front of the peloton but the latter does not give up and follows the Belgian closely. 


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