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Folding smartphones: Samsung responds to skeptics with military certification

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After the difficult start of its first foldable smartphone, Samsung has finally managed to democratize this type of device. However, some people may still be skeptical about buying a folding smartphone because of the price, but also for fear that it will be too fragile. But, for those who still doubt the solidity of Samsung foldable screens, its subsidiary Samsung Display has just announced that it has obtained military-level certification.

“Samsung Display's foldable panels have been certified to meet four key MIL-STD 810G standards established by the US Department of Defense, such as thermal shock and transport shock. Samsung Display is the first company in the display industry to meet these military standards with a foldable panel”, the announcement reads.

To be precise, Samsung Display did not have a smartphone certified, but rather its 7-inch foldable screen panels which were used by the latest foldable smartphones. Just as a reminder, Samsung Display does not only supply Samsung Galaxy devices, but also other brands that offer folding smartphones.

Samsung claims resistance to extreme conditions

In summary, the certification demonstrates that Samsung's foldable screen can withstand extreme conditions. For example, when tested at -10°C, the screen was subjected to a jet of water which formed a 6mm layer of ice which remained for hours. The screen's resistance to temperatures of -32°C and 63°C for two hours was also tested.

“The foldable panel was subjected to twenty-six drops from a height of 1.22 meters, the height at which people typically use their cell phones, with different directions of fall. Additionally, the product has been tested to ensure it can withstand extreme outdoor activities by being rotated at speeds of up to 10.5 times the force of gravity, similar to a astronaut training for gravity in a centrifuge rotating 360 degrees”, we can also read in the announcement from Samsung Display.

Against preconceived ideas

Cho Yong-seok, marketing manager for the small and medium-sized display division at Samsung Display, said the aim of the tests is to break preconceived notions about the durability of foldable displays. It remains to be seen whether this certification will help Samsung and other brands that use Samsung Displays sell more folding smartphones.

In any case, Samsung Display publishes its press release while recently, a rumor indicated that Apple would have suspended the development of the folding iPhone. Indeed, the firm has concluded that the technologies currently available do not meet its standards. But as usual, as this is just a rumor, caution is advised.

  • Sales of folding smartphones are still on the rise, but some people may still doubt the durability of this type of device
  • In order to convince the skeptics, Samsung Display announces the obtained military certification for its 7-inch panel, used by the latest folding smartphones”
  • The certification indicates that this panel can withstand extreme conditions

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