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Football: Spain gave “a lesson” and “a nice slap” to the Blues

The defender of the French team Sakina Karchaoui admitted to AFP on Tuesday that the Blues had achieved their goals. "totally a non-match" against Spain last Wednesday in the Nations League final, hoping that it "will provide a lesson" Les Bleues before the Olympic Games.

Question: A week after the defeat (2-0) against Spain in the Nations League final, what is your view on the match ?

Q: “For me, it was a total non-match. Without beating around the bush, we weren't able to impose our game. On a tactical level, we missed out. All the girls were disappointed, that's it. is normal, we did not have a good collective performance. I think it's a nice slap in the face, that we can take today to be stronger tomorrow. This will give us a lesson for the Olympic Games this summer (…). Personally, I didn't do too badly. It's more complicated to combine with Selma Bacha on the left side. In other matches it happened, maybe the opponent was then weaker. We're going to do what's necessary to make up for it. Collectively speaking, it was a non-match, and we hope not to repeat it.”

Q: Conversely, you were “collectively” there against Germany in the semi-final…

A: “Yes, it was an emotional lift. It's the first time we've won against Germany, it's historic. I scored my first goal, I was happy. We said to himself, we are on the right track, there was a first final to win. At the end of the match, it was a constant questioning: +What do we need to improve ?+, +what did we do wrong ?+ I immediately watched the match afterwards: we weren't good at timing the passes, technically it was complicated “.

Q: Did the atmosphere at the Cartuja stadium in Seville, which supported Spain, weigh on you during the match ?

A: Personally, I like these atmospheres. It was a full stadium. Even if you are with the opponent, it is a final and you have to win it. He missed a lot of things but it wasn't because of public pressure.”

Q: England, Sweden, Ireland: Les Bleues inherited a difficult draw for the Euro 2025 qualifiers…

A: “Yes, we have a big group, it's a bit like the group of death ! We have to work but we know that the Euro will only be big teams. And to be European champions you will have to win against the best.”

Q: And with Paris Saint-Germain, you will face the Swedish club BK Häcken in Champions League quarter-finals on March 20 and 28.

A: “We played them last season in the 2nd qualifying round and we won both matches (2-0, 2-1). They were already a very athletic team, and I think they are today. “even more solid today, given what I saw in the championship and in C1. We took the biggest chunk between them and Benfica in physical and athletic terms. But if we play on our qualities, there will be no no problem. It's going to be a great poster. We base ourselves on men's football regarding the prestige of the clubs but today Häcken is a big European team.”

Q: How do you perceive your role in the locker room, are you increasingly a leader ?

Football: Spain gave “a lesson” and “a nice slap” to the Blues

Parisians Grace Geyoro (l) and Sakina Karchaoui after a goal against AS Rome, December 14, 2023 in the Champions League, at the Parc des Princes © AFP – FRANCK FIFE

R: “Today, I'm 28 years old, I have more responsibilities than before. We're not going to give them to you, you have to take them. You have to help the team, by sharing my experience with the new generation. We have to show them that work is demanding. I make sure to push the players to the top. I am a calm person, but I know how to say things at the right time, especially in difficult times. When we started the season badly in the Champions League, we had to have a voice in the locker room, and help the captain (Grace Geyoro) to re-mobilize the troops. Always be optimistic and in the good behavior”.

Q: You are at the end of your contract with PSG at the end of the season, how do you see the future ?

A: “There are negotiations with PSG. I have also been open to discussions with other clubs. I feel very good here in Paris, I feel Parisian, I feel like I've been here for more than three years… I hope for the best for the future.”

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