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For the 3rd time in 3 weeks, Emma lowers the price of her mattresses

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In 10 years, Emma has become an essential brand in the bedding sector. First, it established itself with a single mattress, sold exclusively on the internet, and which came with a 100-night trial period to test it at home. Today, it has two models in its range: the Original and the Hybrid.

The two mattresses have won almost all the awards in France (UFC Que Choisir, Voted Product of the Year) in the latest editions. They are known for being of very high quality for an unbeatable price. Suffice it to say that the .

But why are Emma mattresses 2 to 3 times cheaper than equivalent mattresses that can be found in stores? If you read correctly, Emma has a specificity: she sells her mattresses than via the internet. They are delivered from its warehouse directly to your home, which allows it to save on all transport and storage in city center stores. This ultra-expensive step causes the price of mattresses displayed in stores to skyrocket.

Of course, you can then say to yourself that buying a mattress without testing it is a risk. But Emma gives you an effective answer: 100 nights to test it at home in real conditions. Once the mattress has arrived at your home, you can try it without obligation for more than 3 months. If you don't like it, for whatever reason, you can return it for a refund. It's a real luxury knowing that the two mattresses are perfectly balanced to suit all profiles.

Original or Hybrid II?

If you don't know which mattress to choose in 2024, you have two options at Emma: the Original or the Hybrid II. The first is the one that allowed the brand to explode and become the European leader. The Hybrid model arrived later, in 2021 only, and has since been the brand's best seller. It is more upscale but since the pandemic, people are also willing to pay a little more for their beds.

The Original model still remains a so-called “high-end” mattress. It is made up of premium foams, including a thin layer of memory foam which ensures the best reception for the sleeper. Above and below this layer, you have other foams which help dissipate heat and provide a counterweight to ensure a firm bedding.

The Hybrid II model has an additional specificity: it also adds a layer of pocket springs. This means that it is slightly softer than the first (without being too soft) but it offers an even greater level of comfort. Today, when you go to the store, it is the hybrid mattresses that are the most high-end: the individually pocketed springs offer better ventilation, faster sleep and independence of sleeping.

But then, which one to choose between the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid? It also depends on your budget. For the sales, and with our code PC10, the 140×190 cm mattress in Hybrid II will cost you 539 euros (instead of 999 euros) compared to 359 euros (instead of 499 euros) for the Original . You therefore have a little less than 200 euros difference on these two models. Note that the discount is almost 50% on the Hybrid II compared to around 30% on the Original.

The budget is a constraint for some but you really have to see this mattress as a long-term investment in your health. The Emma product will last between 10 and 15 years without moving: this is over as many years as you can amortize the bedding. Furthermore, Emma offers payment in 4 installments without fees, which means you won't hurt your wallet too much in the short term.

Reductions at -60% on the range

If you want to go beyond half the price, you will have to opt for a set from Emma. The official store highlights packages which include not only a mattress but also a bed, pillows and duvets. This allows you to change everything at the same time (practical if you are setting up and need to equip yourself) to maximize the life of your products.

It is precisely on these sets that you can get the 60% reduction by combining the immediate discount and our code PC10. On these sets, you also have the right to 100 trial nights to validate the purchase – and payment in 4 installments free of charge. We just remind you that the month of January is the most important for all bedding players (white month + sales) and that is therefore when you have the lowest prices. If you want to treat yourself to Emma's, now is the time to go. In a few days, it will be too late.

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