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Ford partners with Prime Video for a new series on electric cars

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Ford definitely doesn't do anything like the others. While the American manufacturer is launching, like its competitors, into the electric car market, the Detroit firm will attempt an unprecedented communication stunt. She has just announced to our colleagues at 01net.com the release next June of a series, broadcast on Prime Video, to promote the brand's models.

This series should follow the adventures of influencer Lexie Alford, who went on a world tour in six months with a Ford Explorer as her traveling companion. For Peter Zillig, marketing director of Ford Europe, this series should serve as a demonstration. It must show the general public that the electric car is not an obstacle to mobility, quite the contrary.

A promotion of a new genre

If this series was designed as a real production, it is also a superb way to sell the Ford Explorer, the brand's latest in Europe. As Peter Zilig explains to 01net, “orders for the model are open, we hope to begin deliveries in September.”

In addition of the series which should serve as its commercial launching pad, the Ford Explorer has a technical sheet which already allows it to defend itself. The 100% electric vehicle arrives with a range of 600 kilometers (according to the WLTP cycle). It is sold by the American brand for less than 47,000 euros, allowing the Ford Explorer to benefit from the ecological bonus in France.

A series around the world

Main actress of this series, Lexie Alford participated for six months in this outside world tour standard. She will have traveled a total of more than 30,000 kilometers, proving to everyone that it is possible to “go on vacation in an electric car” (even at the’ other end of the world).

This world tour began in a city well known to French vacationers, Nice. Returning to the Promenade des Anglais on March 26, Lexie Alford has just completed her world tour. Ford nevertheless needed to replace the car 5 times along the way, a detail which will be kept in the assembly ?

Ford does all-in

As in the series, Ford is betting big on its Explorer. The vehicle, designed for Europe, must in fact succeed, in two years, in bringing the American group back to balance on the electric market. A challenge that seems impossible when we know that the deficits of the Mach-e division were more than 3 billion dollars last year.

With the ;#8217;Explorer, produced in its Cologne factory in Germany, Ford wants to reverse the trend. To achieve this, the 250,000 copies produced in the Ruhr city will surely not be enough. The vehicle should also have the right to an appearance in the next Indiana Jones, Ford having taken out the checkbook for a few seconds on screen.

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