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Forrest Gump is 30 years old: discover 3 secrets of filming this legendary film

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Certain films have left their mark on the history of the seventh art. The production of a feature film, however, relies on a fragile balance that is often unknown to the general public. From casting to scenario choices, through enmities or moments of grace, the destiny of a nugget could sometimes have been very different. Here are 3 secrets from filming Forrest Gump which is available on Netflix.

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In this film, we follow the incredible journey of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) through several decades of American history. This nugget struck several generations of spectators with its humor and its sweetness.

Tom Hanks didn't get paid for Forrest Gump (well almost)

The Hollywood star did not receive an advance salary for his performance in Robert Zemeckis' film. He preferred to sacrifice his immediate remuneration in favor of remuneration on part of the film's revenue.

This choice paid off for Tom Hanks because Forrest Gump was a huge hit at the box office. Thus, while the feature film grossed $678.2 million globally, the actor would have pocketed more than $60 million.

The hero could have been played by other actors

To play Forrest Gump, several names were considered in addition to Tom Hanks, notably John Travolta, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. Our colleagues from Cinemablend also tell us that John Travolta was the producers' first choice.

Robert Zemeckis, however, preferred Tom Hanks and he even admits that he could not imagine anyone else for this role. This choice was wise to say the least as the latter bursts the screen. He also won the Oscar for best actor for his unforgettable performance.

This legendary scene owes everything to Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis

No one has forgotten this passage where Forrest runs and goes through American history before the eyes of the spectator. However, we learned that the Paramount studio did not wish to invest significant sums in this project. To complete the budget and show these moments that were close to their hearts, Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis invested their own money.

Once again, this decision was very wise. As we saw above, the actor decided to opt for a different method of remuneration, which made it possible to reduce a large item of expense.

That's all for this week. Did you appreciate this feature film when it was released in the cinema or did you discover it late in life?? Don't hesitate to remind us of your memories in the comments. If you liked the article, you can always find the previous part of this section here.

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