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France - Canada: running out of fuel for the Blues, summary of the match

Eight days before his entry into the running at Euro 2024, the French team, uninspired, concedes a sad draw to Bordeaux facing &agrav; a Canada, well organized but generally harmless (0-0).

France - Canada: running out of fuel for the Blues, summary of the match

France 0: 0

France - Canada: running out of fuel for the Blues, summary of the match

Canada Live

23:43 – End of live

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow the second and final preparation match of the France team. See you in eight days for the entry into contention of the Tricolores at Euro 2024. It will be face à Austria à 9 p.m. on the west side of the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf.

France - Canada: running out of fuel for the Blues, summary of the match

Didier Deschamps certainly hoped to see the same enthusiasm as against Luxembourg and a certain continuity of action. in the game, or even improvements. He will have to be satisfied with neither one nor the other, just a very pale copy of a collective in progress and which will never have knew how to excite the meeting, privately flashes of Mbappé and the threat it implies. An evening without ideas, without magic but also without injury and that is perhaps where it comes from. a victory for the French coach.

Everything could have been very different, however, if Thuram had not found the crossbar at the start of the match, well helped by by the tip of Crépeau's gloves author of a superb reflex on his line. The goalkeeper was also decisive on a shot from behind. 20 m from Griezmann, whom he looked for a nice break, then again in injury time when Mbapp, who entered in play &agrav; 16 minutes from the end of regulation time, he launched into a final rush before striking forcefully without result. Managed, the French attacker should not have been able to do so. come off the bench but circumstances ledé Deschamps à to review his plans, certainly unhappy to see his team flounder offensively. With his captain's armband at kick-off, a beautiful tribute to the team. by the coach, Olivier Giroud did not shine; for his last with the Blues on French soil. At first messy and often punished, he lacked success. a little accuracy to achieve à cut the centers of Demb&eac;l&eac; notably. A performance below what he is capable of but which did not prevent the public from giving him a nice ovation. the hour mark when he gave up his place.

One of the rare highlights of an evening which could also have gone wrong when Millar cut back and curled in a shot from the right which smashed into the crossbar of a Maignan beaten on this occasion. Canada, although disappointing in his offensive expression, gave another thrill when David escaped behind Konaté's back. and searched &agrav; serve Osorio in the axis. It took Saliba's saving tackle to put the Canadian action in check. The Arsenal defender will have delivered; a full and serious match, which could give material to the fight. think about what to do the hierarchy in the tricolor defensive axis.

For the rest, Deschamps and his gang will not remember much from this trip to Paris. Bordeaux otherwise they will have to increase the cursor in terms of intensity; and commitment in 8 days for their entry into the running. Euro 2024 facing à Austria. Eight days to properly recharge the batteries after this breakdown, which ultimately perhaps happened at the right time.

23:30 – A rare result

We have to go back to October 11, 2020 and a Nations League match against Portugal to find trace of the last 0-0 draw of the French team.

At the end of a dull and lackluster match, the France team conceded a draw against Canada (0-0). The Blues showed; much less enthusiasm and momentum than four days earlier against Luxembourg and finished their preparation with a taste of unfinished business. Mbappé tried well at the end of the meeting but did not find anything the rift.

On a counter men&eac; beating drum, Mbapp&eac; is launched in the left corridor. Quickly, he comes to challenge his defender, fixes him and eliminates him with an inside hook. The attacker curls a powerful shot with his right on Cré la 90+5.

23:11 – Eustaquio remains on the ground

Eustaquio has cramps after recovering the ball in the feet of Mbapp&eac;. The Canadian captain gave everything he had. tonight especially defensively to plug the holes.

Côté right, Coman hits and overwhelms his defender to sting his center. In the 6m, Kolo Muani was the winner. forgotten by the Canadian defense but uncrosses his head too much which leaks to the left. left of the goal.

23:08 – Additional time: 5 minutes

There is will have 5 minutes of added time in this friendly match between France and Canada.

23:07 – David misses his check

Continued à lateral sound overflow right, David is served in the area but fails to reach the goal. takes the ball correctly and sends it directly into Maignan's gloves.

23:06 – Griezmann also comes out

Just before Mbappé's missed shot, Griezmann lefté the lawn, replaced by Kolo Munai, scorer last Wednesday against Luxembourg.

23:05 – Mbappé above

After a hook to eliminate Millar, Mbappé gets back on his right foot and follows up with a shot that escapes him and goes well over.

23 :02 – Triple change for Canada

In the 84th minute, the Canadian coach proceeds to three substitutions with the exits of Davies, Koné and Buchanan to bring in Hiebert, Oluwaseyi and Shaffleburg.

23:01 – The Blues are turning around

< p>Mbappé tries to strike but doesn't dare to fully engage and prefers to give in to the enemy. Barcola on the left wing. The Parisian comes out and the ball circulates around the Canadian area before returning à Mbappé whose center returning from the right towards Griezmann is sent back of the head by Davies.

Side left, David escapes and manages to escape. penetrate the French surface. The Lille striker sees Osorio in the middle and looks to attack. serve it but Saliba throws himself to prevent the ball from reaching the Canadian. The Blues were hot.

22:56 – Saliba pushes back

On the right of the French surface çaise à 20 m, Buchanan benefits from not being attacked; to roll his center towards David but Saliba imposes himself to put his head and clear his camp.

22:52 – Mbappé comes into play

In the 74th minute, Didier Deschamps decides to play send Kylian Mbapp&eac; hoping that he will be able to make a difference. He replaces Ousmane Demb&eac;l&eac;. At the same time, Thuram gave up his place to Coman.

22:50 – Mbappé prepares himself

Although he should not have been requested to do so. this evening, Mbapp&eac; should finally make his debut shortly. The French striker has his left thigh vigorously massaged.

22:50 – Two changes for Canada< /h3>

In the 70th minute, the Canadian coach proceeds to two changes with the exits of Cornelius and Larin, replaced by Miller and Osorio.

22:47 – Davies misses accuracy

At the right corner of the French area, Davies looks for the far post but his ball is poorly backed. and passes &agrav; side without a teammate being able to covet it.

22:46 – Davies lobs his partners

On an eccentric free kick &agrav; right, the French defense clears poorly and gives the ball away. the left corner à Davies. The full-back brushes his center with an inward trajectory but he lobs three partners at the far post.

22:44 – David shoots at Saliba

Well served in the axis à 20 m, David takes his time to arm and rolls a right on Saliba who had put himself between the Canadian attacker and his goal.

22:44 – Davies in the wall

At 20 m, Davies takes responsibility but his powerful shot is repelled ; by the French wall.

22:42 – Dangerous free kick for Canada

< p>At the entrance to the surface, just in front of the arc, Barcola is late in its repositioning and defensive withdrawal. He hits and knocks David off balance and goes to the ground.

22:41 – Konaté also enters

In the wake of Giroud, Upamecano leaves his partners and is replaced; by Konaté.

In the 61st minute, Giroud is recalledé on the bench by Didier Deschamps. The entire stadium rises to accompany the exit of the captain of the evening, for whom it was the last match for Blue in France. It is replaced by Barcola, of which this is the 2nd selection.


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