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France - England: the Blues win in a crazy Crunch... the match summary

In an untenable mano a mano, France beat England thanks to à a penalty &agrav; the last minute of Ramos (33-31). With this success, the Blues finished at the top of their rankings. second place in the 6 Nations Tournament.

< img alt = "score France" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/d-mpwuqsugviq2mz1wywgzyqszc=/450x/smart/cf7e2f061608455ab5f81e9c24942691/ccmcms-linternaute/42651870. jpeg " /> France 33: 31

France - England: the Blues win in a crazy Crunch... the match summary

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It was not a rugby match, but a boxing match. And in this Crunch, each nation had its highlights. In the first period, the Blues, rather dominant, were able to make the difference thanks to the boot of Ramos and à a try from Le Garrec (20th). But, just before returning to the locker room, Lawrence rang the bell. the revolt (16-10, 40th+1). It was the beginning of the nightmare for the band. Galthié. From the start of the second act, Lawrence (42nd), again, and Smith (46th) gave the lead again. the advantage to the XV de la Rose. Without panicking, Alldritt's partners reversed their decision. the standoff thanks to à of the achievements of Barr&eac; (56th) and Fickou (60th). With a six-point lead, the hardest part seemed to be done… except for Freeman (75th). Trailing by two points, the Blues were able to count on the boot of Ramos. À 50 meters, the opener gave the success of his team with an uppercut (33-31). 

22:54 – Thomas Ramos: "Çit’wasné an easy tournament"

On the verge of tears, the opener of the XV of France, who offered success to his family, & I was relieved. : "I had emotion. Çit’wasné an easy tournament. Today, we reward the team. We had to hang on. We took an entry shot, but we showed ourselves well. of quality. You have to work to relive moments like ça. We were scared, but I am happy with the success. (…) When you're not good, it's normal to be criticized. Even if it's not perfect, we found something that's perfect. the desire that we didn't have at the start of the tournament."

22:53 – Fabien Galthié is relieved at the end of this France – England

Alongside the broadcaster, the selector analyzed this 6 Nations Tournament: "We are here! for ça. I'm sure we can do better. It’s hard, but we fight. The team fought until the end. the last minute. It’s not a rebuild tonight. There was a difficult passage in this Tournament. This is the life of a team. What is beautiful is resilience. We did not have an easy match in the 6 Nations Tournament. We have room for maneuver. We need to regain confidence. The team snatched the victory. victory. It’s beautiful, even though it caused some heart problems. This is the start of something else!"

Thanks to & a penalty de Ramos à one minute from the end of this Crunch, France beats the XV de la Rose and finished à 2nd place in the 6 Nations Tournament! 

22:45 – Reception is guaranteed!

15 seconds left! 


22:43 – Ramos wins at the end of the leg (79th)

À 50 meters, facing the poles, the French striker tees off. Everyone holds their breath! 

22:43 – France leaves again à the attack (78th)

This is a huge sequence with more than 12 playing times. There is an advantage in progress. 

22:42 – Ford gives the advantage à England (75th)

In the corner, on the right, the opener does not tremble. The XV de la Rose is one point ahead. 

Once again, on the Bielle-Biarrey wing, the' apos;England foundé the solution. À Using a step pass from Ford and a shift from Smith, Freeman scored. in the corner. 

22:37 – France is à the fault (74th)

Romain Taofifenua kept the ball on the ground. Ford releases the ball into the 22 French meters. éfailure (72nd)

The ball passedé on the right of the poles. 

22:34 – Freeman is taken à the fault (71st)

The winger committed a voluntary forward move. Ramos can take a break. It is in the corner, on the left, à 35 meters. 

22:34 – Alldritt leaves the pitch (70th)

He is replaced by Boudehent. Meanwhile, Ramos found himself a touch in the 22 English meters. 

22:32 – The English are à the fault (70th)

The maul carriedé French was taught &eac;collapseé in an unlawful manner. 


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