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France - Italy: disappointing, the Blues reach a draw... the summary of the match

Unable to score during their highlights in the first period, and reduced to inferiority. digital & following the expulsion of Danty, the XV of France sharedé points (13-13). Garbisi missed; the penalty of winning.

France - Italy: disappointing, the Blues reach a draw... the summary of the match

France 13: 13 < img alt = "score Italy" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/ivjxiuk_y1g7f_b7qhtojfffrxo=/450x/smart/aa9a41054d394f4d80bf15e327b07278/ccmcms-linternaute/415086. png " />Italy Live

19:23 – Galthié was very disappointed after this France – Italy

In conference of press, the coach was dejected at the end of the day. the continuation of this poor performance: "At the international level, in the French team, when we don't win matches, it's not positive. Experiencing defeat is a crisis. There, it was a difficult, painful period. This is not the expected result."

Face &agrav; the weakest nation in the 6 Nations Tournament, the Blues had started to lose. the match from the right end with a quick try from Ollivon (6th, 7-0) and a penalty. from Ramos (13th, 13-0). While Pierre-Mauroy's audience saw themselves experiencing a quiet afternoon, it was stressful and annoying. Unable to finish the occasions well, the band à Galthié fell into doubt, the image of Danty. The center was opened. expelled for a head-to-head tackle against Brex (40th+1). Garbisi rang the bell. the revolt (40e+2, 13-3). Despite a penalty from Ramos (45th, 13-3), the second period was won. &agrav; one way in favor of Italy. À following a penalty from Garbisi (61st, 13-6), the Transalpines came back & height thanks to à a corner try from Capuozzo (71st, 13-13). Well after the siren, Garbisi missed the opportunity. the penalty to win by hitting the right amount (80th+2). The Blues came close to humiliation. 

17:57 – For Capuozzo, Italy may have "regrets"

Despite; this historic result, the Italian full-back was disappointed by the scenario of the game: " There is pride. We will still have regrets with this penalty. When ça does not want, ça does not want. We must accept, and we part as good friends with France."

17:56 – Marchand: "We need to talk"

Near the broadcaster, the hooker had a haggard look: &quot ;We had the opportunity to put things back in order. We wanted to play a good game, but we didn't succeed. You must not give up, you must work. We need to talk, because it's not normal to have done this today. You must not lower your head."

17:56 – Fickou à the end of this France – Italy: "We can't get there"

At the microphone of France 2, the French center confided in : "It’s hard. We had chances, we weren’té rewarded in the first period. We can't do it. Italy stucké to the score, and we took a red card. It’s frustrating, we had enough to have a good match. He ran away in our hands."

It's over! France and Italy leave each other with their backs to each other. back ! The Blues are doing well with this result, as they were so successful. weak during this game. 

17:48 – Zuliani offers the penalty of winning &agrav; Italy (80th+1)

The scraping was within the rules. Garbisi has the ball of success at the end of his foot. The penalty is &agrav; 30 meters, on the left. 

17:46 – France can't do it (79th)

The ball was kicked. lost in a ruck. Garbisi finds a touch in the 40 French meters. 

17:45 – Abadie has chip& oacute; the ball (77th)

Penaud escapes into his lane. We are back in the Italian 22 meters. 

17:44 – Aldegheri is sanctioned (76th)

In this melee, the right pillar suffered. Italy returns to play in the French camp. 

17:44 – France panics in the face & agrave; Italy (75th)

At the wingtip, Penaud escaped. the ball &agrav; his turn. There is no longer any structure in the French team's game. 

17:42 – Roumat has escaped; the ball (75th)

On Ioane's clearance, Ramos was well placed. We are in the center of the field. 

17:41 – France recovers a ball interesting attack (74th)

On cover, Garbisi is too lateé before stomping. The Italian opener, under pressure from Le Garrec, escaped. the ball. We are within 22 Italian meters. 

À nine minutes from the end of this game, France and Italy are back à back (13-13). 

We felt it coming… À Following several passes after contact, the Italian full-back scored. in corner. Garbisi can equalize with the transformation. 


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