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France - Netherlands&nbsp ;: the Blues, carried by a decisive Mbappé, qualified for Euro 2024!

Carried by a double of Mbappé, the France team dominates without forcing the Netherlands (2-1). A victory which allows him to ensure his qualification for Euro 2024.

France - Netherlands: the Blues, carried by a decisive, qualified Mbappé ;s for Euro 2024!” /></p>
<p> Netherlands <strong>1:2</strong> </p>
<p><img decoding=11:30 p.m. – Good night

Thank you all and all everyone for following us for this live commenté of the match between France and the Netherlands at Amsterdam. See you next Tuesday for the next match of the French team. It will be a friendly match against Scotland.

France - Netherlands: the Blues, carried by a decisive, qualified Mbappé ;s for Euro 2024!” /></p>
<p>He was said to be less physically fit, less effective with four matches without succeeding in winning. shake the nets. After a week where he will have experienced the mourning of a loved one, Kylian Mbappé recalled à all observers that there was no need to worry about him and that everything would return to normal. At the Johan-Cryuff ArenA, the captain of the Blues took charge of the game. everything to stamp the Blues' ticket for Euro 2024 in person. It only took him 7 minutes to pierce the Dutch defense. Upon receipt of a well-adjusted center de Clauss, who marked points in the Netherlands by delivering a full and convincing match, the native of Bondy placed himself in front of Geertruida and sent the ball into Verbgruggen's net with a right volley. The Dutch public was killing itself and for half an hour, the players in orange seemed petrified, suffering the French assaults without an ounce of rebellion and even less will to fight back. to carry out the pressing. An instruction that is difficult to understand given the accounting situation of the Batavians in this qualification group. We had to wait for a dry strike from Simons to see Maignan carry out his attack. his first stop shortly before the break. A sign of the French's control over the match.</p>
<p>This was confirmed upon resumption. Mbappé this time waited eight minutes to knock. After a good pivot deviation from Rabiot, the Parisian opened up space and took his time to adjust his inside foot. With a powerful shot, he placed his ball under Verbruggen's bar. In two actions, he had just reminded everyone that they should not doubt him. We believed France then to be the shelter but a few moments later, Malen, who had replaced Weghorst in the first period, found the fault in his team. the reception of an Aké center. Fortunately for the Blues, the assistant referee's flag rose and canceled the goal. A fear which pushed Deschamps’ men to attack; attempt to put a definitive end to the suspense but Coman came up against Hartman and Mbappé forgot Giroud.</p>
<p>Not adding a third goal, the Tricolores were punished when Hartman, seductive on his side; left, took advantage of Gusto's loose marking to slip into the area with the support of Bergwijn before deceiving Maignan who anticipated the center too much and was trapped at the left. its first post. This then opened up a more intense final ten minutes where Mbappé, again, was very close to the hat-trick; but saw his curled shot die on the crossbar. He had to be content with his two goals, which made him the fourth best scorer in the history of the Blues ahead of Platini (42 against 41) and ensured France's qualification for Euro 2024. With six victories in as many matches, Deschamps and his gang can see winter coming calmly and already look into their trip across the Rhine, scheduled for in the summer next.</p>
<h3 class=23:10 – Rabiot's reaction

"We wanted not to concede a goal. This goal against us is a bit of a task but they are a very good team. They were led and they pushed. Accounting, it's perfect and we have the qualification in our pocket", rejoiced Adrien Rabiot at the microphone of TF1, while emphasizing the downside of this goal conceded, the first in these qualifications.

23:05 – The Netherlands under pressure

By bowing face to face France to At home, the Netherlands made their task difficult to qualify for Euro 2024. Indeed, at the same time as their defeat, the Dutch saw Greece lose ;impose in Ireland thanks to goals from Giakoumakis and Masouras (2-0). In the ranking, the Greeks are 3 points ahead of the Dutch. The two teams will face each other in three days in Greece. In the event of a defeat at Athens, Koeman's men will be eliminated.

23:00 – Goal first hat

If the French team has validated her ticket for the next Euro, she must keep her momentum in view of the draw. Indeed, only the first five best in the group will enter the first hat and will be seeded. A condition for allowing yourself a “more affordable” group, in the first round.

The French team knew they had to win at home. Amsterdam, this evening, to ensure their qualification for Euro 2024. It's done with this 2-1 success against the Netherlands. First in their group with 6 victories in 6 matches, the Blues can already win. think about the continental meeting which will take place from June 14 to July 14 in Germany.

At the end of a match which it dominated, the French team came to the fore. end of the Netherlands (1-2). Serious and diligent, she was able to count on a double victory. by Mbappé to ensure victory against of the Dutch, who after having taken half an hour to enter the meeting, pushed in the last minutes without managing to achieve the goal. glue back.

22:42 – Van de Ven opposes

Entering the Dutch area, Thuram plays alone, taking advantage of Mbappé's call. à left and the presence of Giroud on the left right, to try your luck. Van de Ven remained well on his support and deflects the French shot.

22:41 – Tchouaméni takes a yellow

In the 93rd minute, Tchouamé neither receives a yellow card for winning the game. time by delaying hit a free kick.

22:40 – Giroud forgets Thuram

On a splendid opening from Mbappé, Giroud beats van de Ven who came to fill the hole left in the lead. by Van Dijk in the axis. The AC Milan striker sees Verbruggen advancing and tries to attack. a control-volley sequence. His attempt goes far beyond. A great missed opportunity, especially as Thuram rushed to his right with the path to goal open.

Gusto leaves too much space Hartman on the wing. The Dutch full-back took advantage and delivered a formidable cross between the goal and the penalty spot. Behind Konat&eac;'s back, Bergwijn throws himself but is too short to cut the trajectory. five minutes of additional time in this second period, as many possibilities for the Dutch to come back to score.

22:34 – Griezmann gives up his place< /h3>

In the 86th minute, Griezmann was recalled; on the bench by Deschamps who chooses to give playing time to Fofana to densify the French midfield in these final minutes.

At the entrance to the area, Mbappé makes Reijnders spin and follows without momentum with a curling shot from the right which lobbies Verbruggen before hitting the crossbar.

Side left, Hartman slides the ball between Thuram's legs. He finds a relay with Bergwijn who recovers from a backheel in the race. Launched, he enters the area, sees Maignan who anticipates the cross and places his shot between the goalkeeper and the post. The Netherlands close the gap and take the lead dreaming of a return to life 7 minutes from the end of regular time.

22:28 – The frame flees Malen

Served at At the right corner of the French area, Malen refocuses and follows up with a left shot. His ball, taken lightly from outside, fled Maignan’s goal.

22:27 – Two changes for the Netherlands

< p>In the wake of the double French change, Koeman makes two new substitutions with the entries of Bergwijn and van de Ven, at the start. the place of Simons and Aké.

22:26 – Double change for France

Ten minutes from the end of normal time, Didier Deschamps made two new changes with the departures of Clauss and Kolo Muani. They are replaced by Gusto, who is the first in blue, and Thuram.

22:22 – Kolo Muani pushes back

Veerman takes charge from the free kick obtained by Simons at left, at 25 meters, but he does not manage to reach the target. lift his ball which is pushed back; header by Kolo Muani well before the first post.

22:21 – Mbappé lack Giroud

Côté right, Clauss launches into a crazy race and overtakes Hartman. At the end of his effort, he gives in to the heart of the game. Mbappé. The latter plays with one touch in the axis for Giroud but his pass is poorly adjusted.

22:18 – Giroud comes into play

In the 70th minute of play, Didier Deschamps proceeded to attack. his first change. He decides to release Coman and offers his 126th selection to Coman. Olivier Giroud.

22:17 – Coman stumbles upon Hartman

On a recovered ball Near the halfway line, the Blues move quickly forward. In the axis, at 30 meters, Griezmann plays from his perspective and slips an opening into Coman's race, behind Hartman's back. The Munich player shoots with the right but stumbles on the defender who has closed the ball. the door in front of him.

22:13 – Tchou&eac;mani rakes

Tchouam&eac;ni reads Aké's intentions perfectly; and a nice sliding tackle. deflects the defender’s pass just enough and allows the Blues to recover the ball.

22:10 – The French push

The French want to kill the suspense and try to force things to score a third goal. After an opening from the outside of the right of Mbappé which rebounds on Rabiot in the duel with Geertruida, Kolo Muani inherits the ball and sees his shot wide. entry into the area controlled by Aké.

22:09 – Second Dutch change

Shortly after the hour game, Dumfries is recalled on the bench by Koeman who throws Frimpong into the right lane.


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