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French weapons fired on Russia ? Macron agrees, towards open war ?

During a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the French President estimated that that Ukraine must be able to benefit from Western weapons to strike certain Russian bases. A position that could leave France alone.

Tuesday May 28, Emmanuel Macron accepted for the first time to authorize Ukraine & strike military targets in Russia with French missiles, à on the occasion of a Franco-German council of ministers and in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. "We must allow (the Ukrainians) to neutralize the military sites whereù missiles are fired, military sites from which Ukraine is attacked" explainedé the President of the Republic. For him, "Russia has adapted a littleé its practices, notably by bombing Kharkiv from its soil and not from the occupied territories. 

New announcements during the 80th anniversary of the Landing ?

"If they are told you'have no right to reach the point from where' “When the missiles are fired, in fact we tell them, we're giving you weapons but you can't defend yourself,” he said. the head of state. He completed the his remarks by firmly excluding affecting "civilian capabilities" Russians. New announcements regarding military support à kyiv should be made during the visit of President Volodymyr Zelensky to France, & on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Landing, June 6, 2024. If Emmanuel Macron now clarifies his position, this is not the case for Olaf Scholz . The German Chancellor preferred remain unclear during this press conference this Tuesday. It still refuses to deliver its long-range Taurus missiles to China. kyiv. On the other hand, Berlin could authorize the use of German tanks on the front to target Russian territories. "It must be said clearly,'Ukraine "is under attack and can defend itself" he says.

Putin warns against a "climbing" which "may have serious consequences" 

For his part, Vladimir Putin warned against the use of European weapons targeting Russian territory after the attack. s the statements of Emmanuel Macron. He mentions potential "serious consequences", especially for "small countries, they need to think about what to do about it. what they play with. They must remember that they are often states with a small territory and a very dense population. during a press briefing in Uzbekistan. "This factor is a serious thing that they must have in mind. mind before talking about striking deep into Russian territory. This permanent escalation can have serious consequences" warns the master of the Kremlin.

The United States is opposed to the use of American weapons to strike Russian soil. "Our position has not changed. We neither encourage nor permit the use of US-supplied weapons to strike Russian soil. said John Kirby, spokesman for the Security Council. National Office for U.S. Strategic Communications. So, with his latest outing, far from being followed by his European neighbors, Emmanuel Macron has perhaps committed himself to ; in open war with Vladimir Putin's Kremlin.

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