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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wants to put QS “at the service of people”

Photo: Spencer Colby The Canadian Press Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he hears the concerns of members of Québec solidaire who fear seeing the party move away from its activist roots.

Benoit Valois-Nadeau

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A few days before the national council of Québec solidaire, its co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, launches an appeal to his activists so that the party transforms itself into a left-wing formation “in the service of the people » and capable of governing.

In a letter published in the pages of Devoir, the deputy for Gouin says he is driven by a “sense of urgency” in the face of the various social crises affecting Quebec and he pleads for the party to get closer to the daily concerns of citizens.

“I am convinced that the majority of people share our values ​​of social justice, respect for the environment, and gender equality. Let us place their concerns at the heart of our political project. Let us put ourselves at their service. Let's choose our battles and prove that we will be able to deliver the goods. It is this pragmatism that the left must reclaim,” writes the 33-year-old politician, in a style reminiscent of the plea for the modernization of QS that he made after the resignation of co-spokesperson Émilise Lessard -Therrien.

“We owe it to the hundreds of thousands of women and men who voted for this different party, Québec solidaire, to make a difference where we have the means to do it: in government,” continues Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

“Across the world, the left is losing its battles. With us, it is time for her to start winning her elections,” concludes the deputy.

The national council of QS, which will focus in particular on the internal statutes of political training, will be held from May 24 to 26 in Saguenay.

Choose your battles

< p>In an interview with Le Devoir, the solidarity co-spokesperson agrees that “big debates” await QS members at the congress.< /p>

“I think we have a responsibility to offer Quebecers a political project that is an alternative to François Legault, quickly,” said the man we nickname GND.

To achieve this, the party must act with pragmatism and propose “a project for the transformation of Quebec that can bring together enough people for QS to form a government.”

A word -key must guide the orientations of the training, according to him: priority.

“We must make a game plan that we will realistically be able to deliver in one mandate . It means picking certain battles. We won't be able to change everything, transform everything in four years, it's not possible. We have to make choices,” he illustrated.

Without giving too many details, the co-spokesperson also agreed that Québec solidaire would also have to reform from within.

“The majority of the party statutes were written 18 years ago [when QS was founded]. We remain a party of members, democratic, but we need to spend less time in meetings and more time on the ground. We also need to evolve in our internal structure, to be closer to people and more on the ground. »

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he hears the concerns of members of Québec solidaire who fear seeing the party move away from its activist roots.

“We will not give up on who we are, but continue to evolve. A party is like a human being, you must never stop growing. And we still have work to do to be recognized as a government party. »

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