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Gamers will love this new WhatsApp feature

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Lately, WhatsApp has had a series of new features. And this week, the messaging service is launching a new feature that could appeal to gamers (but not only), as it is inspired by a feature offered by Discord, one of the messaging apps preferred by gaming communities. video games.

WhatsApp already has an audio calling feature. But now, users will also be able to start “voice chats”. Unlike calls, which cause the phones of everyone in a group to ring, voice chats are less disruptive. Indeed, when a member of the group launches a voice chat, there is no ringtone, but simply a notification.

Other members can then open the group to join this voice chat, or continue chatting with text in the group. On its site, WhatsApp specifies that this feature is only available for groups of 33 to 128 people. And it is only available on the user's primary device. “Voice chats end automatically when everyone has left. They also end if no one joins the first or last person on the voice chat for 60 minutes”, WhatsApp also indicates.

Gamers will love this new WhatsApp feature

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More more features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp launches voice chats while recently, it has also started allowing users to register multiple accounts on the same smartphone and on the same application. Among the latest new features, there is also support for passkeys (passwordless connection) on the Android application. Otherwise, in addition to Statuses (the equivalent of Stories), WhatsApp already has an information distribution channel called “channel” which is reminiscent of the channels on Telegram.

Finally , regarding the economic model, WhatsApp no ​​longer says no to advertising. So far, the messaging service generates revenue only by offering communication tools to businesses. But later, it could be inspired by Telegram's economic model by displaying advertisements in certain areas of the app, but not in inboxes.

  • WhatsApp deploys “audio chats” on its messaging service
  • This new feature, inspired by Discord, works like audio calls, but it is less disruptive (no ringing when a chat starts)
  • Lately, WhatsApp has had a series of new features, such as passkeys on Android, or the possibility of using two accounts at the same time

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